Pharmaceutical care encompasses the full range of pharmacists' skills, knowledge, and ability in providing medication services to patients. Pharmacists must be fully acquainted with the physical and chemical properties of drugs and their mechanism of action within biological systems. Pharmacists often serve as educators in the proper use of drugs both for the public and health practitioners. The principal goal of pharmaceutical care is to achieve definite outcomes from medication use that improve patients' quality of life. Pharmacists are professionals committed to public service and the achievement of this goal. Career options in pharmacy include academic pharmacy, community practice, government agencies, hospice and home care, hospital and institutional practice, long-term care, consulting pharmacy, medical and scientific research, and uniformed (public health) services.

Incoming first year and  transfer students can declare pre-pharmacy without verification from PPH Advising. After initial enrollment, current students can request to declare the pre-pharmacy minor through My Madison but will need approval for the request to be granted. If the student has completed fewer than 10  hours of foundational science credits in the pre-pharmacy minor, the request will be granted after verification of course work. If the student has completed 10 or more hours of  foundational science credits, the request will be granted if  the science GPA is 2.50 or greater.

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