The minor is a part of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures, a program within the College of Arts and Letters.

The minor in modern foreign language is designed for students in any major who wish to expand their critical understanding of the language and culture of a particular country or region. Students gain skills in cross-cultural competence as they explore the language, material and intangible cultures, history, traditions, film, literature, and social practices of non-English-speaking nations. The minor seeks to provide students with the critical and analytical skills necessary to reflect upon and appreciate these cultures and societies and to encourage students to think on a more global level. The minor provides a deeper understanding of cross-cultural perspectives, increases a student’s ability to act as a citizen of the world, and expands the range of professional opportunities open to them. The minor is designed to be flexible and to encourage students to explore interdisciplinary connections in International Affairs, International Business, Anthropology, History, Health Sciences, Justice Studies, and other academic fields.

A minor in a modern foreign language consists of the specified upper-division courses in a specific language.Languages offered include:Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian,Russian and Spanish.

The requirement for a minor in modern foreign language is 18 credit hours. 

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