The Honors College requires a separate application for admission into the college. The Honors College offers an Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor (students are identified as Honors Scholars).

Students accepted into the Honors College pursue a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies, with the option to complete a Capstone Experience. The requirements of the Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minor are flexible, and are designed to provide students with a space to synthesize multiple avenues of interest. The mission of the James Madison University Honors College is to develop a diverse community of inquisitive and aspirational learners from all parts of campus through distinctive and challenging educational experiences. Our core values include independent, student-centered learning; interdisciplinary training; collaboration; and active and informed service and leadership.

The requirement for a minor in honors interdisciplinary studies is 25 credit hours. These credits are taken in the honors core and include the completion of an Honors Capstone Project. The project may be completed as a thesis and/or portfolio project in Honors or the student's major or minor.


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