The minor is a part of the School of Communication Studies, a program within the College of Arts and Letters.

Admission to JMU does not guarantee admission to a minor in the School of Communication Studies. All students interested in minoring in the program must apply for a limited number of spaces while first completing SCOM 240 and SCOM 241. In order to register for these classes, students must first submit their application for an SCOM minor. Applications can be accessed on the SCOM website and must be submitted by email. The School of Communication Studies reviews applications for admission to the minor each semester. Students who have applied will be notified of the department's admission decision at the end of the semester in which they complete the SCOM 240 and SCOM 241 requirements.

Admission to an SCOM minor is based on availability to the most qualified students as determined by performance in SCOM 240 and SCOM 241.

Students who are not admitted may file one more additional application in the next regular semester. Students reapplying must apply in two consecutive semesters of enrollment at the university. If a student reapplies after retaking SCOM 240 and SCOM 241 (whether repeat or repeat/forgive), the school will look only at their highest grades earned when evaluating their second application.

Successful completion of any minor in the School of Communication Studies requires, at the very least, a minimum of two semesters after a student is fully admitted to the School. Depending upon the student's particular circumstances and degree progress, more than two semesters may be required for completing the minor. Once admitted to the School of Communication Studies, a student cannot retroactively apply more than nine hours of SCOM courses, including SCOM 240 and SCOM 241, to his/her minor. Also, once admitted to an SCOM minor, a student cannot automatically transfer into the SCOM major without reapplying in a subsequent semester, and there is no guarantee of acceptance.

A minor in communication studies requires 18 hours of course work in communication studies beyond the General Education requirement, including SCOM 240SCOM 241 and a minimum of nine hours at the 300 level and three hours at the 400 level. Before a student begins a minor in communication studies, the school director and the student's adviser must approve his/her planned program of study.

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