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The biotechnology major is administered through Cross Disciplinary Studies.

Biotechnology at JMU is a 4-year interdisciplinary major leading to a B.S. degree.  The program is shared among the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT).  Students undertake a rigorous curriculum rich with hands-on laboratory experiences, critical analyses of both the "how" and the "why" of biotechnological solutions, and the development of transferable skills to keep up in a rapidly changing field. The combination of both scientific/technical depth and cross-disciplinary breadth allow graduates to pursue diverse career paths in industry, government and advanced studies.

Biotechnology majors must complete 47-50 credit hours of science foundation courses, 17 credit hours of biotechnology transition and core courses, and 15 credit hours of elective courses.  Each student works with an assigned academic adviser to develop an individualized portfolio of upper level course work to best meet her/his unique interests and goals.  Advanced courses are selected from an extensive list of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, ISAT, Engineering, and Mathematics and Statistics offerings. Up to six credits of undergraduate research or internship experiences can be applied to the upper level electives requirement. 

Students are eligible for a General Business Minor.  Students may not receive dual credit toward the Biotechnology major for 300- and 400-level Biology courses that are applied toward the Biology major. Biotechnology majors are not eligible for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor.

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General Business

Declaring the Major

New Freshmen and Transfer Students
Students should declare the biotechnology major when they register for orientation.

Currently Enrolled Major Changers 
Current students wishing to declare or change a major, minor or pre-professional program must complete a request through MyMadison. Additional department specific information will be available when that academic plan is selected.  Follow all directions and steps necessary to execute your request. Once all necessary steps are completed, the department will either approve or deny your request or contact you for additional information.

For additional assistance making this request, view the Change/Declare a Major/Minor tutorial in MyMadison or on the tutorials website.

Progressing in the Major

Students must complete BIO 140, CHEM 131 and CHEM 131 lab before taking any other major courses.

A grade of at least "C-" must be achieved in BIO 140, CHEM 131 and CHEM 131L to progress in the major.

Continuing in the degree program requires that students meet the progression requirements in each of the cognate departments.

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