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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University Policy Committee?
The University Policy Committee (UPC) is the group designated and appointed by the vice presidents to act as the central body for making recommendations regarding the creation, updating and management of university-wide policies. Members of this committee include one representative from each of the major divisions of the university (chosen by the appropriate vice president), the Director of Human Resources, a representative of Audit and Management Services and University Counsel (ex officio member). The committee is chaired by the Assistant Vice President for HR, Training and Performance.

Does the University Policy Committee make policy?
No. Overall, policies are the responsibility of the Board of Visitors and the President. Practically, each vice president reviews and approves policies. The role of the UPC is to ensure that existing policies are kept up-to-date and accurate and that new policies are considered, drafted and staffed as needed.

Am I represented on the University Policy Committee? By whom?
Full and part-time university employees are represented on the committee through a representative for each division:





Access and Enrollment

Joe Manning


Academic Affairs

Kristi Shackelford


Administration and Finance

Towana Moore


Student Affairs and University Planning

Jim McConnel


University Advancement

Sheila Smith


In addition, policies are reviewed by representatives of the Faculty Senate, the Employee Advisory Council and the Student Government Association. You may contact one of these groups to provide input on any university-wide policy:





Employee Advisory Committee

Susan Dean

Tisha McCoy-Ntiamoah


Faculty Senate

Audrey Burnett
Faculty Senate Speaker

Mark Piper
Faculty Senate Speaker Pro Temp 

Student Government Association

Jewel Hurt

How do I suggest changes to an existing
Follow the steps provided at

What if I just have a question concerning a particular policy?
Send your question via email to the UPC chair. You may also reach the AVP for HR, Training and Performance by phone at 540-568-4248.

Why can't I find the university policy related to my area of concern?
The University Policy Committee does not manage every policy and procedure that impacts members of the university community. For example, there are many policies that address just faculty members or just students that are not in the UPC's purview. The policies managed by the UPC are those policies that have broad impact across the university as a whole. Other university policies are under the management of such units as Academic Affairs, the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices, Public Safety, etc. As a result, there are many policies that are not referenced on this site.

See Policy 1000-University Policy Management for additional information.