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Coordinator of Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Holly Bailey
Contact Info

Holly Bailey joined the UREC team in 2006 as the Coordinator of Fitness and Nutrition Programs. Holly is in charge of the fitness, TRX and assessment center areas and is responsible for hiring the Fitness and Nutrition staff.

Holly graduated from Old Dominion University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine with an emphasis in Cardiac Rehabilitation. After several years of working as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist in a hospital based facility, she went on to receive her masters’ degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from George Mason University. From 1996-2005 she worked as an adjunct faculty member for Northern Virginia Community College in the Physical Education department and continued to teach online through the Extended Learning Institute after moving to the Harrisonburg area in September 2005. Holly is a member of NIRSA and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She is an ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and has earned the Exercise is Medicine Credential Level 3.

Holly is originally from central New Jersey. She is married to her husband Stan and together they have two boys, Jeff and Alex. Holly loves to dance, read, and attend various high school sporting events. Her favorite thing about UREC is the team atmosphere and the healthy environment.

Payroll and Reservations Manager

Donna Bitar
Contact Info

Donna Bitar joined the UREC team in 1994 and currently serves as the Payroll and Reservation Manager.  Donna manages the undergraduate payroll and coordinates reservations of the UREC facility and the shared satellite buildings for programs and sports clubs.   

Donna was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service from the Department of the Army.  Prior to working at UREC, Donna was a desktop publisher at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation in Denver, Colorado.

Donna has been married for over 20 years to her husband Irfan, and together they have two boys, Tareck and, Nadeem.  Donna enjoys the end of the year celebration at UREC but her favorite thing about UREC is the students.  Donna’s favorite activities are attending her children’s sporting events and watching CSI.  Donna’s favorite quote is, “You have only failed when you have failed to try.”

Associate Director for Programming

Steve Bobbitt
Contact Info

Steve Bobbitt joined the UREC team in 2000.  Currently, as the Associate Director of Programming, Steve works with all six programming units focusing on student learning.  He serves on the leadership team, oversees facility supervision, and acts as the student development coordinator. 

In the past, Steve has served as Adventure Program Coordinator, Interim Marketing Coordinator, and Interim Sport Club Coordinator.   Steve also teaches classes for Kinesiology and in the Campus Recreation Master’s Program.  He also serves as a member faculty of the National Intramural Recreational Sport Association National School of Recreation Sport Management through 2011.

Steve graduated from Virginia Tech where he earned his undergraduate degree in Education and earned his master’s degree in Leisure Studies at Radford University.  Before coming to UREC, Steve worked for six years in Parks and Recreation in Adventure Programming in Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Wytheville.  He then worked at East Carolina University for six years as an Assistant Director for Adventure Programs.  Steve received the award for Educator of the Year in 2006 from the Association for Experiential Education.  He is a member of the NIRSA, NASPA and ACPA.

Steve was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Galax, Virginia, a hotbed of bluegrass and old-time music.  He is married to Deena and they have two sons Dylan and Will.  Steve’s favorite things to do outside of work are kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, traveling around the country, playing the guitar, and watching his kids play sports.  He can often be seen at UREC in Fitness enjoying a noon-time workout.  His favorite thing about UREC is the students and the energy they bring to both the building and our staff. 

Assistant Director for Operations

Hilary Bride
Contact Info

Hilary Bride rejoined the UREC team in 2012 and now serves as the Assistant Director for Operations.  She supervises the Operations Supervisor staff, chairs the UREC Student Training and Development committee, and collaborates on special operations.  

Hilary returned to JMU to work with student development and to have the opportunity to grow people. Outside of UREC, she is the advisor for Colleges Against Cancer, coaches the Women's Basketball Club, is an Alternative Breaks Learning Partner and is in the Women of Change program.

Hilary earned her undergraduate degree in Sport Medicine from James Madison University and worked as an Adventure Manager, TEAM Facilitator, EMT, Lifeguard, Day Camp Counselor, Alternative Spring Break leader and Operation Supervisor at UREC. Outside of UREC, you would find Hilary involved with Phi Sigma Pi, the national honors fraternity, or on the sideline athletic training for a varsity athletic team.   In addition to being the Student Representative for the state of Virginia for NIRSA, she was an avid presenter for AEE and found a passion in leading groups through facilitation and instruction.  She received the William Wasson Award in 2005.  Hilary went on to get her Master’s in Education at James Madison University in Adult Learning/Human Resource Development with a concentration in Leadership and Facilitation.  During that time, she served as the Aquatics and Safety Graduate Assistant for UREC and work for the Harrisonburg High School as a substitute teacher and assisted the athletic training department.   In 2007, Hilary won the American Red Cross Extraordinary Personal Action Award for administering C.P.R. and Saving a Life.

Upon graduating from JMU, Hilary headed back to her native New Hampshire to serve as the Assistant Director of Recreation for the town of Moultonborough on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Her primary responsibility was youth sports for kindergarten to sixth grade athletes, supervising athletic and park facilities, and serving as an active member in the New Hampshire Park and Recreation Association where she received the Don Heyliger Young Professional Award in 2011. She is a CATCH instructor for the Childhood Anti-Obesity Movement. 

Personally, she enjoys competitive powerlifting with Galaxy Gym and has competed at the regional & national level and even placed 2nd in the Sandwich Fair Skillet Toss.  She also enjoys her dog Sir Rufus Llama Face, lawn games, supporting her local/home teams, chicken wings & cheese, and making life an adventure.  Her favorite quote is, "Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but sail we must, and not drift, nor lie at anchor" -Oliver Holmes

Senior Associate Director and Associate Professor for Sport and Recreation Management

Julie Wallace Carr
Contact Info

Julie Wallace Carr began working at JMU in 1992 in Recreational Activities. She is the Senior Associate Director for UREC and an Associate Professor for Sport and Recreation Management in the School of Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management at JMU. Julie manages, markets, and teaches classes in the Campus Recreation Leadership Track. She also runs the internship and practicum program for UREC and is a liaison GHTH 100 and Health Sciences. Julie oversees the Graduate Assistant program at UREC as well.

Julie went to West Virginia University and graduated with a degree in Physical Education and Science. She earned her Master’s in Adult Fitness at JMU. Julie received a Doctorate degree in Human and Organizational Learning at George Washington University. Before UREC, Julie was a Graduate Assistant at JMU Athletics, a Total Wellness Coordinator at RMH Wellness Center, the JMU Fitness, Wellness and Group Fitness Coordinator. She served as the Associate Director for Programming at UREC as well.

Julie won the JMU “All Together One” award in 2006 and was honored with the JMU “Woman of Distinction” staff award in 2006. She was given the Distinction of the Faculty Friend of the Year for JMU Office Residence Life in 2008. Julie is a life-time member of NIRSA. She was also awarded the NIRSA National Service Award in 2007, the 2010 NIRSA Region II Award of Merit and the 2010 NIRSA President's Award for Writing. In 2013, she was recognized as a Legacy Contributor for NIRSA.

Julie’s husband Ben is a lawyer and an Associate Professor in Sport and Recreation Management at JMU. Julie is very proud of her son Brody. She also has 3 very cool dogs. She loves skiing-downhill, telemark and cross country skiing. She also enjoys playing golf, tennis, cycling, swimming, gardening, cooking, and reading. Julie’s favorite activities at UREC include swimming and yoga classes. Her favorite thing about UREC is working with the student staff. Her favorite quote is “Become the one you dream you can be” – unknown author. Julie’s favorite movie is The Big Chill and she really enjoys the Thin Man series. Her favorite TV channel is the Food Network, but her favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Empire, and Nashville. Her favorite type of music is Classic Rock, but she loves all types of music.

Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and Special Events

Aaron Combs
Contact Info

Aaron Combs joined UREC in 2008 and is now serving as the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Special Events. His main responsibilities include scheduling intramural sports, training student officials, implementing a variety of special events and professionally developing student staff. Currently, he is on the Board of Directors for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Sports Commission who encourages a healthy lifestyle for the youth in the local and surrounding communities.

Aaron graduated from Shepherd University in West Virginia with an undergraduate degree in Sport Management. He earned his master's degree in Sport Administration from Western Illinois University in MaComb, Illinois. In 2005, he was an undergraduate intern with the Intramural Sports program at James Madison University. Aaron was named one of UREC's Employees of the Year in 2006. Aaron is a member of NIRSA.

Aaron is married to Carrie Teichert Combs, who is a JMU alum and Double Duke. Aaron's parents Danny and Pati raised him in Baker, West Virginia. He has one brother (Jared) and sister-in-law (Amanda) and two nephews (Eli and Simon). He enjoys all sports, hunting, fishing, officiating, dancing, watching movies and coaching. He won seven intramural flag football championships - five at Shepherd and two at Western Illinois. Aaron's favorite activity at UREC is the daily lunchtime JMU faculty/staff basketball games. His favorite thing about UREC is the atmosphere that the students and faculty create. Aaron's favorite quote is "One man practicing good sportsmanship is far better than fifty others preaching it" by Knute K. Rockne. His favorite action is movie is Braveheart and his favorite comedy is Dumb and Dumber. He also loves a variety of music, but his favorite radio stations are K-Love and Fresh 96.1.

Assistant Director for Adventure and Challenge Course Programs

Guy deBrun
Contact Info

Guy worked as the Graduate Assistant for the UREC Adventure Program in the late nineties.  His hair is shorter and beard greyer now but he is no less enthusiastic about adventure programming than when he was a GA.  He now serves in the role of Assistant Director of Adventure and TEAM programs.  His job is to oversee the entire Adventure Program and serve as a member of the UREC programming team.

Guy graduated from Messiah College where he earned his undergraduate degree in Health and Physical Education.  He completed a master’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management from JMU.  He then worked for the outdoor program at the University of Maine for five years followed by three years at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.  Guy is an active member of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education and the American Mountain Guides Association.

Guy was born in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and lived in midcoast Maine before moving to the “Mountain Kingdom” of Lesotho as a child.  Upon returning from Africa, Guy lived in Pennsylvania until graduating from college.  He spent a year teaching in New York City followed by attending  JMU. He then returned to New England before finding his way back to the Valley with his wife Karen and two sons Colden and Wyatt.  He enjoys volunteering at his church, cooking, reading and roughhousing with his sons.  When he is outside he prefers clinging to rock faces, paddling moving water, riding a bicycle on trails, skiing with his heels free and chasing turkey and deer about the woods.  His favorite thing about UREC is the many opportunities that students have to be active and assume leadership roles.

Coordinator of Aquatics and Safety

Matt Lovesky
Contact Info

Matt joined UREC in 2012 as the Coordinator of Aquatics and Safety. Matt is responsible for hiring, training, and leading a comprehensive aquatic and EMT staff and is a member of the UREC programming and Risk Management team. 

Matt graduated from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in Health/Physical Education and a minor in Aquatics. He did his graduate work here at James Madison University where he concentrated in Kinesiology-Sport/Recreation Leadership. While taking classes at JMU, Matt worked at UREC as a Certification Instructor and Intern.  In addition to his UREC experience, he held an assistantship in the Health Sciences department for GHTH 100 (Personal Wellness Course), and taught one semester of Aquatic Conditioning.

Matt was born and raised in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, the land of the biggest burger. Although Matt has roots in central PA, his heart is in the Outer Banks where he worked Ocean Rescue for 5 summers. Matt loves surfing with his friends and avoiding getting burnt at the beach. He also really enjoys a good game of Bocce and playing golf with his friends of equal inability. Matt’s favorite thing about UREC is the awesome professional and student staff and their drive to “Motivate Madison into Motion”.  Matt typically is singing Kings of Leon on his way to and from work and really enjoys the Batman movie series. Matt’s favorite quote is “the greatest wealth is health” from Virgil, because he thinks that the American population has put too much strain into earning their ideal income, which for many has affected their own health and well-being.

Assistant Director for Marketing and Technology

Kristin Gibson
Contact Info

Kristin Gibson joined UREC in 2008 and serves as the Assistant Director of Marketing & Technology. She formerly served as the Coordinator of Marketing and Development from 2008-2012. Kristin oversees UREC branding, including UREC digital communications (web site, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube), UREC program/facility/service advertising on campus, and sponsorship/fundraising efforts. She supervises marketing undergraduate and graduate student employees and the UREC Technology Manager.

At JMU, she is the co-chair of the JMU Employee Advisory Committee and serves on the Compensation Advisory Council, the University Planning Team, and the SMAD Alumni/Professional Advisory Council. Kristin is also a contract instructor for IS 202: Career Decision Making. She is a member of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA).

Kristin earned both of her degrees from James Madison University. Her master's degree is in College Student Personnel Administration (M.ed, 2010) and her undergraduate degree (B.S., 2006) is in Media Arts & Design and Communication Studies.  Prior to UREC, Kristin was a Marketing Assistant at a law firm in Washington, D.C. and also worked for a professional services marketing agency. 

Kristin and her husband Kevin have two young children, Brady and Colbie. She likes play with her kids and her dog Peanut, run, play sports, read and take on home improvement projects.  Kristin grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Kristin’s favorite activities to participate in at UREC are floor hockey and running the track.  Her favorite thing about UREC is working with fantastic JMU students and loves that her position encourages her and those around her to live a healthy lifestyle.

Associate Director for Facilities and Operations

Bob Golson
Contact Info

Bob Golson joined the UREC team in 1998 and is currently the Associate Director for Facilities and Operations.  Bob oversees capital improvements, facility maintenance, housekeeping and daily operations.  He also works very closely with Aramark and JMU Athletics.

Bob graduated from Florida State University with a double major in Political Science and Criminology.  He received his graduate degree in Sports Administration from Saint Thomas University in Miami, Florida.  Bob has been recognized for his service to the Office of Judicial Affairs and the JMU Duke Club.  Bob is a member of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA).

Bob grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He has been married to his wonderful wife Donna, who works with the JMU Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Swim and Dive programs, since May of 2008.  Bob is very proud of his niece Amanda and nephew Jeremy, who take part in UREC summer camps.  He is a huge sports fan, plays a lot of golf, and loves to travel.  Bob’s favorite activity to participate in at UREC is walking 3 miles, on the track or around campus.  His favorite thing about UREC is the students and the staff. His favorite movies are Remember the Titans, A Few Good Men, and The Blind Side.  His favorite show is The Blacklist and his favorite music artists are James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby and Dave Matthews Band. His favorite quote is "Never let the urgent get in the way of the important" by Kay Yow.

Coordinator of Adventure and TEAM Programs

Sasha Griffith
Contact Info

Sasha Griffith joined the UREC Team in 2013 as the Coordinator of Adventure and TEAM Programs. While her main responsibilities include hiring, training, and developing student facilitators for the TEAM Challenge Course, Sasha also manages the Adventure Equipment Center.

Sasha graduated from University of Central Florida where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, her areas being business, music, and recreation. Through her time at UCF, Sasha worked at the recreation center on campus and learned the “ropes” which helped her to move into a graduate assistantship upon graduation. She accepted a position at Texas A&M University-Commerce where she was able to not only start a Challenge Course program but also learn what it takes to be a trip leader. Sasha earned her Master of Science degree studying Training and Development with a minor in Higher Education. Sasha is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the Association of Outdoor Recreation Education, and Association of Challenge Course Technologies.

Sasha was born in Georgetown, Guyana but grew up in Winter Park, Florida. She has three younger brothers, Hugh, Victor, and Jarod, as well as a younger sister, Alyssa. Sasha enjoys spending time with her siblings and getting them outside. Her favorite activities include cooking, watching movies, hiking, paddling, and learning new things. Sasha’s favorite things about UREC are the exchange of ideas and collaboration that reach out to as many students as possible and developing student leaders.

Assistant Director for Sport Clubs and Youth Programs

Chris Jones
Contact Info

Chris Jones joined the UREC team in 2002 and now serves as the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs and Youth Programs.  Chris coordinates Sport Club programs throughout the school year and oversees Youth Programs during the school year and summer camps in the summer months.

Chris earned his undergraduate degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management with a focus in Outdoor Recreation from Ball State University.  He earned his Master’s degree from James Madison University in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport and Recreation Management.  Prior to working at UREC, Chris worked at a state park forestry department, construction, and the Boys and Girls Club.  Chris won the American Red Cross Extraordinary Personal Action Award for administering C.P.R. and Saving a Life.  Chris is a member of NIRSA and NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association). 

Chris is from Auburn, Indiana and is happily married to his wife Veronica.  He has a dog named Barley who is an Australian Sheppard.  Chris enjoys disc golf, anything outside, playing Frisbee with his dog, and going to concerts.  His favorite activity at UREC is the lunch time faculty and staff basketball games.  Chris enjoys the different interactions that happen on a day to day basis and the students.  Chris’ favorite quote is “You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best, you want to be considered the only ones who do what you do,” quoted from Jerry Garcia.  He has three favorite movies which change depending on his mood which are Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, and Shakes the Clown.  Chris likes to watch 24, Pardon the Interruption, and anything on the Food Network Channel; especially Throwdown with Bobby Flay. 

Coordinator of Sport Clubs and Youth Programs


This position is currently vacant. Please contact Chris Jones for any questions relating to this position. Thank you!

Technology Manager

Scott Mersiovsky
Contact Info

Scott Mersiovsky joined UREC in 2012 as the Technology Manager. He makes sure all the hardware and software needs of UREC’s professional and student staff are met so that they can do their jobs well. He loves the positive environment that UREC offers.

Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University in 2007 with a degree in Philosophy and Religion. He and his wife enjoyed Harrisonburg and JMU so much, that they never left, and Scott has held full time positions at the university with both Information Technology and Libraries & Educational Technologies.

Scott has been married to his wife Melody since 2006, and they have two sons, Luke and Henry. While Scott is not working, he likes to spend time with his wife, sons and friends. The Mersiovskys are active in their church, and they like to be outside and to travel.

Senior Assistant Director for Member Services

Lorie Miller
Contact Info

Lorie Miller joined the UREC team in 1996 and now serves as the Senior Assistant Director of Member Services.

Lorie was born and raised in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Before working at UREC, Lorie worked for the JMU Student Health Center, JMU Human Resources and JMU Orientation.  Lorie received the Student Affairs & University Planning Crredibl Award in 2013, the NIRSA Horace Moody Award for outstanding commitment to student development in 2007, and also received the VRSA award of merit and the student affairs and university planning division award for excellence.  Lorie is a member of NIRSA and VRSA. 

Lorie has been married to her best friend Rob, who also works for JMU, for over twenty years. They have one dog, a Great Dane named Molly. Lorie loves gardening, reading, spending time with her family, and riding motorcycles.  Her and her husband have a Harley Davidson and enjoy taking long rides.  Lorie’s enjoys exercising and running 5ks. The thing she enjoys the most about working at JMU and UREC is the positive effect she can have on students.  Her favorite quote is, “To the world, you may be one person but to one person, you may be the world.”  Lorie’s all time favorite movie is Out of Africa.  Her favorite music is Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, and Classical.  Some of her all time favorite musician are Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alison Krauss, Johnny Cash, Mishka and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 

Equipment Manager

Donnie Mix
Contact Info

Donnie Mix has been working with the UREC team since the facility opened in 1996. He is currently the Equipment Manager and his main duties include keeping all exercise and sound equipment maintained and also overseeing UREC's motorpool.

Donnie was born and raised in New York. Donnie has held positions in Athletics here at JMU prior to his work at UREC. In 2009, he won the "All Together One" Award and is a current member of NIRSA (National Intramural-Recreation Sports Association). Donnie is also the Crew Chief for the chain gang at every JMU home football game.

Donnie has been married to his wife Lydia for over twenty-five years and has a son named Ben and a daughter named Leah. Donnie enjoys music and singing in church and other venues. He also loves riding his VTX-1300 motorcycle. Donnie is considered to be the "Mayor of UREC" and his favorite activities to participate in are noon-time basketball and working out in the fitness center. His favorite thing about UREC is the staff and how they possess a team spirit and his motto is TCB (taking care of business). 

Director of University Recreation

Eric Nickel
Contact Info

Eric Nickel has been a member of the UREC team since April 1995, about 16 months before UREC opened. He serves as the Director of University Recreation. He is responsible for providing vision and leadership to the department as well as managing the human, financial and physical resources of UREC.

Eric earned his undergraduate degree in Business Management at SUNY Plattsburgh and his masters’ degree in Sport Management at The Ohio State University. Before coming to JMU, Eric was the Director of University Recreation at Ferris State University in Michigan (7 years), the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation at UNC Greensboro (3 years), and a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Intramural-Recreational Sports at The Ohio State University.

Eric is a life member of NIRSA (Leaders in Collegiate Recreation) and he currently serves on their Board of Directors. He has also served as President of the NIRSA Foundation, as well as President of the NIRSA Services Corporation, after serving three years on each respective of their Board of Directors. He has received a number of awards in his career including three National Service Awards for NIRSA, the NIRSA Region II Award of Merit, and the Outstanding Professional Award from the School of Kinesiology and Recreation Studies at JMU.

Eric was raised in Kings Park, New York. He and his wife Jacki have three sons named Ryan, Kyle, and Tyler. His hobbies include bike riding, basketball, and following his son’s sports and activities. Eric enjoys playing basketball with the JMU faculty/staff group and his favorite thing about UREC is the energy that the students and staff bring to work every day. 

Assistant Director for Budget and Finance

Lisa O'Fallon
Contact Info

Lisa O’Fallon joined the UREC team in 2013 as the Assistant Director for Budget and Finance. Lisa is responsible for daily business functions for all UREC programs and operations and supervises 2 students.

Lisa graduated from Washington State University with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting. Upon graduation, she worked at WSU as the Business Manager for Educational Telecommunications and Technology. Prior to her experience at UREC, she worked for the Office of Budget Management at JMU.

Lisa is from Washington State. In 2006, she and her husband, Michael, moved to Virginia. They have three daughters: Mikaela, Samantha and Hannah. In her free time she enjoys watching her children play sports, reading and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite thing about UREC is the positive environment.

Maintenance Manager

Rick Orebaugh
Contact Info

Rick Orebaugh joined the UREC team in 1997 as the Maintenance Manager.  His main responsibility is to ensure everything at UREC is functioning and is clean.

Rick was born and raised in an Air Force family and has visited and lived all over the world including New Hampshire, Japan, Kansas, Ohio, Maine, and of course Virginia.  He earned his Associates’ Degree at Vocational Technical in Fishersville, Virginia.  Before becoming the Maintenance Manager, Rick worked for Facilities Management at JMU.  Rick has also won awards in his career including the JMU Student Organization Services Dolley Award in 2005, the Virginia State Employee Suggestion Program, the JMU Innovation Award in 2008, and the 2014 Intellectual Property Disclosure Incentive Award.  He is also a member of the National Recreation and Parks Association. 

Rick is married to his wife Sue and has two children (Matthew and Emily).  He also has two cats (Queenie and Butter) and one dog (Oliver).  In his free time, Rick likes to work on and ride his motorcycle, fish, hunt, camp, hike, garden, and act in films.  Rick’s favorite activity to do at UREC is to participate in weightlifting and racquetball.  His favorite thing about UREC is the team spirit environment working with the staff and the students. 

Office Manager

Heather Reid
Contact Info

Heather joined the UREC team as the Office Manager in 2006. Heather handles all purchases for UREC, works with the Sport Clubs and their travel arrangements, she supervises 4 student office assistants and assists the director in daily administrative tasks.

Prior to her experience at UREC, Heather worked at the JMU Graduate School for three years as an Administrative Assistant and before that she worked at the Office of the Registrar.

Heather lives in the neighborhood that she grew up in, located in Broadway, VA. She is happily married to her husband Jeff and has three teenagers, two boys (Kele and Hayden) and one girl (Kaitlynn). In her spare time she enjoys Nascar races, 49er football games, crocheting and making her own jewelry. Her favorite thing about UREC is the positive energy the students bring with them into the building.

Facilities Manager

Jason Ritter
Contact Info

Jason Ritter joined UREC as the Facilities Manager in 2012. He oversees the day-to-day operations and maintenance of University Park, East Campus Fields, Long Field Mauck Stadium, Godwin Hall, Memorial Hall, and the Hillside Hockey and Basketball Courts.

Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Mennonite University in 2007 with a Recreation and Sport Leadership degree, Business Administration minor.  The summer before his senior year, he completed his internship with DC United of Major League Soccer with the Operations Department.  After completion of his degree, Jason was a JMU Assistant Athletic Equipment Room Manager, an Assistant Equipment Manager for DC United, and a Facilities Coordinator in the JMU Athletic Department for Facilities and Events. In the most recent role he was the lead field painter for athletics, along with coordinating game and facility operations for football, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and track and field.

Jason got married during the summer of 2011. He values faith, family, and friends. During his spare time, Jason enjoys playing golf during the mild months and skiing with his wife during the winter.

Coordinator of Intramural Sports and Special Events

Kelli Rockwell
Contact Info

Kelli joined the UREC team in 2012 as the Coordinator of Intramural Sports and Special Events. Some of her main responsibilities include the hiring, training and developing of student officials, the facilitation and implementation of special events, and scheduling a wide variety of intramural sports leagues and tournaments. Kelli also serves as the advisor for the Student Officials Association.

Kelli graduated from the University of North Georgia with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics. She earned her master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion with a concentration in Sport Leadership from the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. While at the University of Kentucky, Kelli served as the Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant for their Campus Recreation department. During her assistantship, she was the Committee Chair for the 2011 Region II Conference Student Lead-On in Lexington, KY. She has been a member of NIRSA since 2009, and she enjoys attending and presenting at conferences.

Kelli grew up in Conyers, Georgia. She is married to her husband, John, who is the Manager of Accounting Technology at JMU and they have a dog named Wiley. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and Wiley. Her favorite activities include golfing, playing all other sports, waterskiing and wakeboarding, cooking, and being outdoors and around water in general. She is a huge sports fan and follows her teams closely. Kelli’s favorite thing about UREC is their dedication to developing JMU students by providing them great learning and leading opportunities.

Coordinator of Group Fitness and Wellness


This position is currently vacant. Please contact Steve Bobbitt for any questions relating to this position. Thank you!

Housekeeping Manager

Carolyn Wallace
Contact Info

Carolyn Wallace joined the UREC team 1999 as the Housekeeping Manager.

Before coming to UREC, Carolyn worked in housekeeping in other areas on campus and also worked in a sewing plant and also in retail. Carolyn has earned her Managerial Certification. She has won the Female Employee of the Year Award and has also won the Student Affairs Excellence Award. Carolyn is a current member of the Institute of Certified Managers and of the International Executive Housekeepers.

Carolyn was born and raised about 60 miles south of Harrisonburg in Lexington, Virginia. Carolyn has 3 children and three grandchildren (two boys and one girl). She also has three sisters and three brothers. Carolyn has two dogs (Princess and Premo). In her time outside of UREC, she enjoys reading, sewing, and walking. Her favorite activity to participate in at UREC is Yoga. Carolyn’s favorite thing about UREC is the staff and their dedication to the UREC mission.