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UREC 20th Anniversary Student Scholarship

Construction is almost complete on the Addition/Renovation project and October 2016 marks the 20th Anniversary and the Grand Re-Opening of UREC. There's no better way to celebrate 20 years and an expanded facility than a fund that annually benefits our greatest asset: our student employees.

In 2015, a committee of UREC alumni, staff, and current students  initiated the UREC Student Employee Scholarship endeavor. By 2020, we'll strive to create a $50,000 endowment to support UREC student employees as they create their own Madison Experience that will give us the opportunity to give scholarships to one or more student employees in need each year once endowed. We have an opportunity to help future generations of UREC employees discover what Motivating Madison into Motion is all about. 

96 UREC Alumni are committed to supporting fund over the course of 5 years. 


Support the 20th Anniversary Student Scholarship!

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UREC General Fund

We’ve been Motivating Madison into Motion since 1996. We hope that your experience at UREC, either as a participant, employee, or friend, has had a positive and lasting effect in your life.

All across the country, the most successful public universities – those that are confidently poised to make real impact on the future – acquire funding from a combination of sources. The need for private external financial support is more important than ever before for UREC to ensure that we can continue providing excellent facilities, services, and programs for Madison.

Your gift to this account supports current and future efforts to help our students, faculty and staff continue to build a more active campus, setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy habits.

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UREC Sport Clubs

Approximately 2,000 JMU students participate on over 40 teams in JMU's Sport Club program. It is a unique campus experience emphasizing recreational participation opportunities, student development, and leadership activities. Sport Clubs are strictly voluntary, student-managed, and offer activities that are recreational, instructional, and competitive in nature. The clubs compete locally, regionally and nationally and do significant amounts of fundraising. Whether you are a Sport Club Alumnus yourself, a family or friend of a participant, or someone who wants to support the program, your donation will help ensure the continued success of these student organizations.

The following Sport Clubs have current foundation accounts:

For more information about making financial contributions to JMU, please contact Louis Sanchez, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at or 540.568.2644 or UREC's Associate Director for UREC Services

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