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PositionLink is an easy-to-use web version of parts I and II of the Employee Work Profile (the position description) for classified employees. Every classified position must have one.

Classification Factors used in Virginia
Three factors used to classify a position.

Individual Professional Development Plan
All full-time employees are required to have an annual professional development plan. The IPDP is optional for non-permanent employees.

A&P Faculty Job Description
The A&P Faculty Job Description explains the applicable competencies for all A&P Faculty Members. This must be completed for all A&P Faculty positions and needs to be signed and sent to Human Resources at MSC 7009. The Position Description should be submitted to HR either when the position is established or when duties are updated.

External Links

Career Group Descriptions
Broad state descriptions of general duties associated with a job.

State Compensation Policy
It is the Commonwealth's objective to establish and maintain a compensation plan that attracts and retains a quality work force and that achieves a balance among the requirements of employees, management, and taxpayers.

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