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Services We Provide

Administrative Services Primary Contact Phone  Email
Address Changes MyMadison  - -
Board of Visitors Report Meghan Schaeffer
8-3825 schaefms
Bulk Email Requests Meghan Schaeffer 8-3825 schaefms
Employment Verifications Krystal Smith
8-6165 smithkf
Faculty Contracts Meghan Schaeffer
8-3825 schaefms
Freedom of Information Act Diane Yerian
8-8090 yeriandg
IIS Access Control Form (HRMS) Debbie Glass 8-5534 glass2dl
HR Website Maintenance Kristi Moon 8-3728 moonkd
Notary Services Meghan Schaeffer
8-3825 schaefms
PAR Forms Michelle Chase
8-3593 chasepm
Subpoenas Meghan Schaeffer
8-3825 schaefms
Tuition Waiver & Reimbursement Michelle Chase
8-3593 chasepm
Unemployment Claims Meghan Schaeffer
8-3825 schaefms
Benefits Services Primary Contact Phone  Email
Accidental Death Insurance Julie Byers 8-3976 byersje
Accommodations Dianna Banks
8-3974 banks2dl
Americans with Disabilities Act Dianna Banks   
8-3974 banks2dl
Beneficiary Changes Benefits Coordinator
- -
Cash Match Benefits Coordinator
- -
Classified Agency Transfers Michelle Chase
8-3593 benefits
COBRA Notifications Michelle Chase
8-3593 benefits
COBRA Questions Michelle Chase
8-3593 benefits
Exit Interviews for Benefits Dianna Banks
8-3974 banks2dl
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Tara Roe
8-5533 roetb
Flexible Spending Accounts Benefits Coordinator
- -
Health Insurance Benefits Coordinator
- -
Leave Inquiries Kristi Moon
8-3728 moonkd
Life Insurance (VRS or Optional) Benefits Coordinator
- -
Long-term Care Insurance Benefits Coordinator 
- -
Name Changes Benefits Coordinator
- -
Orientation/Phase One Michelle Chase
8-3593 byersje
Retirement Buy Back Julie Byers 8-3976 byersje
Retirement (VRS or ORP) Julie Byers
8-3728 byersje
Return to Work Program Becky Sanford 8-2358 sanforrj
Short-term/Long-term Disability (VSDP) Becky Sanford
8-5533 sanforrj
Tax Sheltered Annuities                Benefits Coordinator
- -
VA Sickness & Disability Program Becky Sanford
8-5533 sanforrj
Workers' Compensation Becky Sanford 8-2358 sanforrj
HR Services
Primary Contact Phone Email
Alcohol and Drug Policy HR Consultants - l-
Athletics HR Steve Hedrick
8-2997 hedricsm
Criminal History Investigation Recruitment Specialists - -
Disciplinary Actions/Employee HR Consultants 8-3967 thomasce
Disciplinary Actions/Supervisor HR Consultants - -
Employee Assistance Program HR Consultants - -
Employee Recognition Programs HR Consultants
- -
Facilities Management HR Jason Saunders
8-2992 saund3je
Facilities Management HR/Recruitment Deanna Glass 8-6422 glassdl
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) HR Consultants - -
Grievance/Employees HR Consultants
8-3967 thomasce
Grievance/Supervisors HR Consultants - -
Employee Handbooks Cathy Thomas   8-3967 thomasce
HR Horizons/HR Updates Cathy Thomas   8-3967 thomasce
I-9's Alicia Proctor
8-4473 proctoan
In-Band Adjustments (IBA's) HR Consultants - -
Indiv. Professional Dev. Plan Steve Hedrick 8-2997 hedricsm
Job Fairs Kellie Crawford
8-4115 crawf2kd
JobLink Recruitment Specialists - -
Layoff Policies and Procedures HR Consultants - -
Mediation Services Cathy Thomas 8-3967 thomasce
Non-Employee/Affiliate HR Consultants
- -
Onboard/New Hire Paperwork Alicia Proctor
8-4473 proctoan
Org. Structure Assessments HR Consultants - -
Orientation/Departmental Checklist Cathy Thomas 8-3967 thomasce
Orientation/Phase Two Jennifer Kester 8-6728 kesterjm
Overtime HR Consultants - -
Pay Action Worksheet (PAW) HR Consultants - -
Performance Evaluations HR Consultants - -
Policy Questions Cathy Thomas 8-3967 thomasce
PositionLink/EWP Amber Lam 8-2296 lamar
Positions New/Changes HR Consultants - -
Recruitment Recruitment Specialists - -
Recruitment/Diversity Kellie Crawford 8-4115 crawf2kd
Recruitment/Temp Pool Jennifer Kester 8-6728 kesterjm
Reference Checks Recruitment Specialists - -
Salary Adjustments HR Consultants - -
Service Recognition Awards Sandra Anderson 8-3973 anderssk
Standards of Conduct HR Consultants - -
Transcripts Alicia Proctor
8-4473 proctoan
Unemployment Hearings HR Consultants - -
Voucher Processor for HR Cathy Thomas
8-3967 thomasce
Welcome Letters Cathy Thomas 8-3967 thomasce
Written Notices HR Consultants - -
Other  Services
Primary Contact Phone Email
CDL Testing Jason Saunders
8-2992 saund3je
CommonHealth Programs Veronica Jones 8-3407 jonesvw
Electronic Directory Campus Directory Coordinator - itweb
Employee Giving Office of Annual Giving 8-3863 employeegiving
Employee ID Number Payroll Services 8-6233 payroll-operations
Employment Dispute Resolution Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) 888-232-3842 edr@dhrm.virginia.gov
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action James Robinson 8-6991 robinsjr
JMU Access Card (JACard) Card Services 8-6446 cardsrvc
Leadership Development Training and Development 8-4101 training  
Ombudsperson for Faculty Dr. Philip DuBose 540-246-3028 dubosepb
Ombudsperson for Students Dean of Students 8-6468 linnsa
Paychecks (Pay Advice) Payroll Services 8-6233 payroll-operations
PeopleSoft HRMS Training IT Training - ittraining
Sexual Harassment Training James Robinson 8-6991 robinsjr
SS Number/Name Questions Payroll Services 8-6233 payroll-operations
Student Employment SWEC 8-3269 studentjobs
Summer School Pay Payroll Services 8-6233 payroll-operations
Title IX Coordinator James Robinson 8-6991 robinsjr
Title IX Officer for Staff Diane Yerian 8-3825 yeriandg
Title IX Officer for Students Cannie Campbell 8-3532 campbecg
Title IX Officer for Athletics Jennifer Phillips 8-8036 philljr
Title IX Officer for Faculty,
Affiliates and Visitors
Training Programs at JMU Training and Development 8-4101 training 
W-2's/Tax Forms Payroll Services 8-6233 payroll-operations