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Featured Workshops

January 25 - Reading the Red Flags: Help Students/Colleagues in Need - is aimed at helping JMU faculty and staff learn the skills necessary to offer help if they suspect a student or colleague is struggling with disordered eating, alcohol/drug abuse, and/or sexual or intimate partner violence. Conducted through UHC’s The Well, the program is designed to give participants the tools they need to intervene in a safe, effective, and non-judgmental way, and to offer support and resources to those in need. Participants will learn how to identify common signs and symptoms of distress related to the aforementioned topics, and how to broach personal topics with sensitivity and understanding.

January 27 - Basic Finance and Budgeting - 4 Sessions - This workshop is designed to help you understand and evaluate your values and behaviors as they pertain to spending and budgeting; develop an effective personal budget to assist you in meeting your goals; learn methods to debt reduction; understand investing fundamentals; design effective strategies to meet your investment objectives, take appropriate risks, and understand the financial tools available to you both inside and outside of JMU.



  • Jan 24: JMU JobLink (IT195)
  • Jan 25: Project Management for Non-Project Managers (TD1775)
  • Jan 25: Reading the Red Flags: Help Students/Colleagues in Need (TD2101)
  • Jan 26: Cultivate Your Calm (TD2171)
  • Jan 26: StrengthsFinder 2.0 (TD1695)
  • Jan 27: Basic Finance & Budgeting (TD1373)
  • Jan 31: Extreme Couponing (TD2045)
  • Jan 31: Social Media in the Workplace (TD2083)
  • Feb 1: Project Management for Non-Project Managers (TD1775)
  • Feb 1: Employee Leave 101 (TD1209)
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