Featured Workshop

The Unified Team (TD1705)

Tuesday, June 26 | 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Join us for tips on how to resolve negative conflict, focus team members, and promote the positive fealings of unity within your team.



  • May 31: Difficult Conversations, Part I (TD1185)
  • Jun 5: Teach with Style (TD1836)
  • Jun 5: Color Your Plate (TD2299)
  • Jun 6: Help Your Team Understand You (TD2246)
  • Jun 6: Resilience: Games for Success (TD2167)
  • Jun 6: Dealing With Distressed, Disruptive and Dangerous Students (TD1294)
  • Jun 7: Leaders Eat Last (TD1951)
  • Jun 7: Community-University Boundary Spanners: Engaging Our Community (TD2278)
  • Jun 8: Emotional Intelligence (TD1753)
  • Jun 12: Be Competent on a Cross-Cultural Campus (TD2240)
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