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Graduate Student Association

About the GSA

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student-led and student-run organization that provides professional and social opportunities to all past, present and future James Madison University graduate students.

The GSA was established in 2010, and thanks to the efforts of past leadership, is growing steadily in the form of participation and events.

Every graduate student is considered a part of the GSA. There are no fees. Being that graduate students are uber-busy, meetings are held the first Sunday of every month, and last no more than one hour.

With that being said, the GSA has great things planned for the future; including graduate student workshops, professional development opportunities, socials, and networking events.  Take advantage of a great opportunity to further your graduate school life, professional careers, and the JMU community.

Why we're here:

The Graduate Student Association exists to promote interdisciplinary unity between James Madison University Graduate students

Members of the JMU GSA will:

• Act as a liaison for interaction and social activity between graduate students.
• Gain professional knowledge and networking through workshops and career development events.
• Exercise leadership and organizational skills in committees and projects that support the graduate students of JMU.

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