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Get Started - Schedule your Onboarding Session

The Office of Human Resources (HR) assists new faculty in successfully integrating into employment at the university. Once an A&P or instructional faculty member accepts a position at JMU, the hiring academic unit communicates with HR regarding the need for the new faculty member's onboard session. The faculty member is contacted by HR, and an onboard appointment is scheduled prior to the faculty member's first day of work. The quicker your onboard session is completed, the faster you will receive a parking permit, a JACard (JMU Access Card), an eiD (electronic identification) and access to the university's computing system.

In addition, a member of the HR Benefits Team will contact new faculty members to provide information about benefits enrollment and to schedule a consultation with a Benefits Specialist.

If you have questions, call JMU-HIRE (568-4473), or email at or go to

Things to Do During Your FIRST WEEK on Campus

Go to Faculty Welcome!

Get your JACard from Card Services! The JACard is the official All in One identification card for JMU.  It is proof of your affiliation with JMU for classroom, computer lab, and University functions. It can also function as your building access key and bus pass.  

Acquire your parking pass from Parking Services. Parking FAQs for faculty & staff.

Visit your classroom(s) and familiarize yourself with the technology available. Ask questions of Classroom Technology Services.

Determine the status of your office computer and other computing needs (software, server space, etc.)

Check out and customize your course on Canvas and contact JMU Libraries' Innovation Services / and Canvas Support

Visit the Center for Faculty Innovation website to see what programing is being offered.  The CFI schedules a variety of workshops, roundtables, fellowships, and symposiums around the areas of teaching, scholarship, career planning and academic culture.

Explore the Student Success Center, Carrier Library and Rose Library. Contact the Librarian for your Course(s) 

Be sure to get a copy of the appropriate handbook: 

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