Dr. A.J. Morey
Associate Vice Provost

Cross Disciplinary Studies
MSC 1206
Moody Hall, Room 102
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Ph. 540-568-7990
Fax 540-568-7991

    The Mission of Cross Disciplinary Studies

  • to inform and guide new program proposals through the curriculum approval process
  • to support faculty and students in cross disciplinary teaching, learning and research
  • to facilitate program initiatives and activities that would benefit from coordinated conversation and development         

        Environmental Study      Women's and Gender Studies       Regional and Area Studies                                              


The traditional disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences are an important foundation for modern knowledge, each lending a distinctive tradition of inquiry to the human quest for knowledge and understanding. But these disciplines are academic conveniences, not sacred constructs and while some academic pursuits are well served by the traditions of disciplinary inquiry, others are not.

The complexity of our contemporary transnational humanity demands a rigorous encounter with traditional claims to knowledge, and an ability to articulate problems, insights and solutions in a way that is meaningful to people within and without the academy. The Office of Cross Disciplinary Studies and Planning (CDSP) encourages faculty and students to value the knowledge of the disciplines and profit by it, but also asserts the necessity for traveling outside and across those boundaries in our studies and in our lives.

The Associate Vice Provost reports to the Vice Provost for Academic Development. Our office serves and facilitates cross disciplinary curriculum development and regional and area studies minors with cross-college identities.