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‘I was drawn to the program because it blends management skills, leadership, higher education policy and educational measurement all in one degree.’

Full or part time options available
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  • Nov 25 Photo of Dr. Paula Daly and Dr. Suzanne Fiederlein Managing renewal

    Management skills are not just good for business. A group of JMU professors train professionals around the world in the managerial techniques needed to recover from war and rebuild post-conflict societies. ... Read More >

  • Nov 20 Photo of JMU students' Katrina relief efforts Making a lasting impact

    For a group of JMU students, faculty and alumni, Thanksgiving Break will be spent in New Orleans engaged in Hurricane Katrina recovery work. The trip marks a decade of JMU relief efforts in the region ... Read More >

  • Oct 28 Photo of JMU volunteer firefighters at Hose Company Number 4 Some like it hot

    JMU students serve and protect local community as volunteer firefighters ... Read More >

  • Oct 22 Photo of Caitlin McAvoy teaching dance A vision for change

    Caitlin McAvoy ('15) implements dance therapy program for young women ... Read More >

  • Oct 20 Photo of faciltator training for JMU's Dukes Step Up bystander awareness program Dukes Step Up

    Tackling the bystander effect and promoting responsible action ... Read More >



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Description of Program

The strategic leadership program emphasizes business principles, accountability, and leadership theory and applications, which are all areas of reform that national groups have touted as important for new educational, nonprofit and higher education administrators. Students will be instructed in management principles and in the broader visionary perspectives necessary for effective leadership. The program emphasizes practical applications grounded in sophisticated research skills needed for data-based, innovative decision-making in current and future practice.

The leadership course work encompasses models, theories and processes, as well as applications. The capstone leadership course requires an externship. In addition to leadership course work, students enroll in clusters of courses centered on research methodology including measurement, statistics, and accountability; business administration such as managerial finance, accounting for decision-making and control, and other management courses. Students choose a specialty concentration of nonprofit and community leadership, organizational science and leadership, or postsecondary analysis and leadership. Students in all concentrations study strategic management, advocacy and volunteerism strategies and principles, and advanced leadership dynamics.

Degrees Offered

Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Leadership (Ph.D.)


Nonprofit and Community Leadership
Organizational Science and Leadership
Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership

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