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Graduate Snapshot - Education- Spanish Language and Culture for Educators

Description of Program:

The Master of Education with a concentration in Spanish language and cultures for educators serves individuals who are teaching Spanish language and culture in settings that may include but are not limited to community colleges, high schools, colleges, industry and business. The program provides candidates with opportunities for in-depth study of advanced pedagogical practices in teaching, best practices in curriculum development and current research in the fields of teaching and learning.

In addition, students' content knowledge in the language and culture of Spain will be studied through course offerings supported from the expertise of faculty from the University of Salamanca (USAL). The program is delivered using both face-to-face and distance education models. It includes one summer residency on the JMU campus and one summer residency on the USAL campus.

Degrees Offered:
Master of Education (M.Ed)

Concentration: Spanish Language and Culture for Educators

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Application Requirements: