* You may only take ONE additional course below the 300-level in addition to WGS 200.

Courses in the Curriculum 

WGSS 337: Sociology of Gender
First Four Week Session | Matt Ezzell | Online
Second Four Week Session | Matt Ezzell | Online

Examination of theories of sex role development, the roles of men and women in society and gender as a social construction.

WGSS 368: Women's Literature 
Second Four Week Session | Mary Thompson | Online

A study of literature by women. Cross-listed with ENG 368.

WGSS 417: Women's Global Health and Human Rights
Second Four Week | Kathy Ott Walter | Online

An international and human rights approach providing an overview of health issues within the context of a woman`s life cycle. Attention will be given to critical issues of women`s health such as access to health care and gender based violence. Such issues as sexuality, nutrition, diseases affecting women, violence, harmful traditional practices, and sex trafficking will be discussed. Cross-listed with NSG 417 and HTH 417.

SOCI 354: Social Inquality
First Four Week Session | Bethany Bryson | Online

Course covers the systems of stratification and inequality in the United States including race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, and nationality. Discussion will center on their role in providing rationales for oppression and discrimination in society and their relationship to the distribution of power and ideological control.

Courses that May Receive Substitute Credit

HUM 200: Great Works
Topic: Cultural Constructions of Girlhood
First Four Week Session | Jennifer Almjeld | Online
Second Four Week Session | Jennifer Almjeld | Online

Books we read as children are important: they shape us as readers, as thinkers, as people. The stories of our childhood often impact who we will become and so might reveal new insights when analyzed in adulthood. This section moves beyond children’s literature approaches, however, as we will interrogate depictions of girlhood in literature and popular media with particular attention paid to personal performances of girlhood and femininity in a variety of texts – the pages of great books, excerpts from film and television, popular songs, and online content. This online course includes intensive examination of great literary works that focus on key issues of knowledge and reality, meaning and purpose, ethics, and aesthetics, with emphasis on cultural constructions of girl identities and ways girls have been written by others and may be writing themselves. Particular attention will be paid to body image, the importance of place, and normative gender roles.

HUM 251: Modern Perspectives
Topic: Ecofeminism
Second Four Week Session | Beth Hinderliter | Online

In Western modernity, how have women been treated as inferior to men, ‘nature’ seen as inferior to ‘culture’, and humans separated from the natural environment? In this course, we will examine connections within the humanities between women and climate justice, with an emphasis how marginalized communities, particularly women and people of color, are least responsible for, but hardest hit by ecological destruction, eco-violence and climate change.

SOCI 367: Sociology of Sexuality
First Four Week Session | Bethany Bryson | Online
Second Four Week Session | Bethany Bryson | Online

This course examines sociological theory and research on sexual behaviors, identities, cultures, and social movements, investigating how sexuality is shaped by society and its social institutions. In addition, the course examines how sociological research on sexuality is conducted, how society shapes the sociological study of sexuality, the unique ethical concerns and methodological challenges in researching sexuality, and the place of sociology in shaping discourse and social policy on relevant social issues.

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