Courses in the Curriculum 

WGS 337: Sociology of Gender
First Four Week Session | Matt Ezzell | Online

Examination of theories of sex role development, the roles of men and women in society and gender as a social construction.

WGS 355: American Women at War
Undergraduate Six Week Session | Amelia Underwood | TuTh 4:30-6:00pm

This course invites students to engage a series of issues about the role of women in the US military. This course will examine the contributions & experiences of women who served during the American Revolution, the U.S. Civil War, WW I & II, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War(s). Also included in this course is an examination of how women in military service both past and present are an instrument for societal change in America specifically in promoting the cause of women's rights. Cross-listed with MSCI 355.

WGS 495: Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
Study Abroad in Ghana: June 12-July 26, 2016
Undergraduate Six Week Session | David Owusu-Ansah | Study Abroad

Established in 1997, the 4-week summer abroad experience in Ghana is the oldest James Madison University program on the continent of Africa. This interdisciplinary summer program allows students to earn 6 credit hours, with an option to earn 3 more hours for those who add the post program internship. Select faculty members from the University of Ghana, which serves as the program host institution, make wonderful, stimulating and content driven presentations during the first two-weeks of our studies. Our students engage in afternoon volunteer activities at select sites. For the remaining part of the program, students visit several rich historic and cultural sites of the country.

HIST 321: European Women's History
First Four Week Session | Jessica Davidson | Online

A survey of women's history from the Enlightenment to the Modern Era. Attention will focus on women in England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain as well as the former Soviet Union. The course traces the birth of modern feminism in the European context and explores gender expectations, paying particular attention to women's entrance into the public, political world.

Courses that will Receive Substitute Credit

WGS 417: Global Women's Health and Human Rights
Second Four Week Session | Kathy Ott Walter | Online

An international and human rights approach providing an overview of health issues within the context of a woman's life cycle. Attention will be given to critical issues of women's health such as access to health care and gender based violence. Such issues as sexuality, nutrition, diseases affecting women, violence, harmful traditional practices, and sex trafficking will be discussed. Cross-listed with HTH 417 and NSG 417.

SOCI 367: Sociology of Sexuality
Second Four Week Session | Bethany Bryson | Online

This course examines sociological theory and research on sexual behaviors, identities, cultures and social movements, investigating how sexuality is shaped by society and its social institutions. In addition, the course examines how sociological research on sexuality is conducted, how society shapes the sociological study of sexuality, the unique ethical concerns and methodological challenges in researching sexuality, and the place of sociology in shaping public discourse and social policy on relevant social issues. 

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