In the past, Sister Speak has been a publication dedicated to embracing literary and visual arts that speak to feminist ideals. However, recent and current editors realize that many readers may be confused about or unaware of what feminism encompasses. Rather than being an exclusive and/or limiting belief system, feminism is an inclusive movement embracing equality between genders, races/ethnic groups, sexualities, and economic classes. Feminism is not just for women. In order for women and all people to share an equal voice in our society, we must unite to share our ideas and dreams. We must create discussion and resolve the confusion and negativity that surround feminism. We must come together through all forms of expression to educate one another. The goal of Sister Speak is to be amalgam of information that educates about issues related to feminism. To this end, this publication includes works that focus on women and/or gender and that question or challenge oppressive gender roles. Furthermore, we believe that gender oppression is interconnected with other forms of oppression, including sexual, ethnic/racial, environmental, and economic. These interconnections similarly need exploration and explanation. Turn the page and see for yourself.

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