The Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program is accepting open submissions for the Faculty Award for Feminist Scholarship and Creative Work.

Purpose:  To recruit, encourage and support feminist scholarship and creative work in the JMU community from both emerging and established scholars and artists.

Eligible Projects:  Work must be:

  • published or, in the case of creative performances, presented in the past two years;
  • by members of the JMU faculty or research staff;
  • by applicants who have not received the award in the past five years;
  • no longer than 30 pages.

Decision Criteria
1. Originality of work or performance 
2. Impact on the feminist project of ending gender-based inequality 
3. Clarity and accessibility 
4. Attention to human diversity 

Deadline:  Contact the minor coordinator for information.

Submission Process 
Submit the following in the electronic form:

1. A cover letter specifying feminist contributions of project
2. A curriculum vitae
3. An abstract of the submitted project or recording highlighting its engagement with women, gender, or sexuality
4. A copy or recording of project (no more than 30 pages)

Selection Committee:  The Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Advisory Board

Decision Date:  Pending. 

Award:  $500 

PLEASE NOTE: All applications will be visible on the WGSS Sharepoint site. For more information on this award, contact Dr. Mary Thompson at or (540) 568-3758. Materials will be returned upon request.

List of Previous Winners


2009 - “Quarantined: Women and the Partition” by Debali Mookerjea-Leonard

2010 - “Heroes of Hell Hole Swamp” by Dolores Flamiano

2011 - "Up and Down Purity" by Brillian Besi Muhonja

2012 - “Opposing ‘Both Sides’: Rhetorics, Reproductive Rights and Control of a Campus Women’s Center” by Matthew Ezzell

2013 - "Picturing the Past: Gender in National Geographic Reconstructions of Prehistoric Life" by Julie Solometo and Joshua Moss

2014 - "Enlightened Female Homoeroticism and Social Transformation in Catherine Trotter's Agnes de Castro" by Dawn Goode

2015 - "Sparrow" by Erica Cavanagh

2016 - "Putting Lesbians in their Place: Deconstructing Ex-Gay Discourses of Female Homosexuality in a Global Context" by Christine Robinson

2017 - "Celebrating Simms: The Story of the Lucy Simms School" by Mollie Godfrey and Sean McCarthy

2018 - "The Sound of Life: Or How Should We Hear a Fetal 'Voice'?" by Dr. Becca Howes-Mischel

           "Party Institutionalization and Women's Representation in Democratic Brazil" by Dr. Kristin Wylie

Graduate Students

2014 - "Balkan Women" by Daria White

Undergraduate Students

2010 - “The Romance of the Gas Oven: Academia and the Media’s Love Affair with the Suicide of Sylvia Plath” by Mitch Hobza

2011 - “The Making of a Migrant Mother: Female Okie Identity in Dust Bowl-Era SanJoaquin Valley” by Leela Pereira

2012 - "Only Through Men" by Brooke Covington

2013 - "Mammies and Memoirs" by Anders Bruce 

2014 - "Concepts of Women's Fashion and Beauty in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany" by David Motley

2015 - "Empowering Jewish Women with Water: The Mikveh" by Allison Kaye

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