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Founded in 2013, the Women for Madison Executive Advisory Council is a group of leaders who assist JMU in creating a broader network of support. The council is affiliated with University Advancement and specifically with Constituent Engagement. Click on council members’ names to learn more about them.

Chair and Vice-Chair

Mary Ann Alger 

Barbara Bouldin (’87)

Stephanie Ayres Bowlin (’01)

Alisa Ferguson (’00)

Stephanie Robbins Forbes (’92, 93M)

Zari Gallahan (’08)

Lynne Grevious (’86)   

Laura Hittie (’07, ’08M) 

Elizabeth Liles (’87)

Beth Mallory (’94)  

Elizabeth Martin (’85)

Erica McDowell (’02)

Cathy Nagel (PR)

Leasa Neaves (’92)

Rhonda Jackson Page (’94)

Mary Margaret Prange (’01)

Angela Reddix (’90)

Hannah Robinson (’18)

Tiffanie Rosier (’95)

Karen Rothenberger (’93)

Angela Russell (’85)              

Ann Siciliano (’86)

Dawn Smith Barnes (’93)

Colleen Sorem (’00)

Lauren Springer (’20)

Brenda Young (’82)

JMU Faculty & Staff

Gretchen Armentrout

Pam Brock

Cannie Campbell (95, ’20M

Dr. Theresa Clarke

Sean Clifford

Donna Harper (’77, ’81M, ’86Ed.S.)

McKenna Kendrick (’16)

Towana Moore

Dr. Meg Mulrooney

Paula Polglase (’92, ’96M)

Caitlyn Read (MBA 18)

Karen Risch Mott (’20M)

Whitney Sajko

Mary Kaye Slonaker (’94)

Former Members

Susan M. Allen (PR)

Beth Bliss (’84)

Alice Brown (83) 

Susan Brown (84)

Bethany Clark ('03)

Cynthia Cline (82) 

Ann Marie Coe

Carrie Combs (’07, ’09M)

Barbara Caudle (’81)

Anne Marie Elles (91) 

Vanessa Evans-Grevious (’93, ’97M)

Sallie Funkhouser (’67)

Donna Fowlkes (72)

Beverly Harris (’68)

Chiquita King (09, 11M)

Leslie Gilliam (82)

Aishah Hunter (11)

Debbi Long ('04)

Megan McConnell (14)

Kathy Thomas (78)

Judy Strickler (60)

Carolyn Wake (52)

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