We are a diverse network of alumni, parents, students, faculty and friends of James Madison University who engage and inform women about the opportunities and needs of the university. Our primary goal is to enhance the collective involvement and financial impact of women giving to JMU.

Building on JMU’s history as a women’s institution and recognizing today’s 6:4 female-to-male student enrollment, the organization seeks new ways to engage women of varied interests and accomplishments in the life of the university. Women for Madison encourages women to connect with one another, university leaders and JMU’s exceptional professors and students as they invest their time, talents and resources.

Support the Women for Madison scholarship fund

Empowering Women’s Philanthropy

Women are becoming a visible and leading force in JMU’s rise to national prominence. At the forefront of this charge, Women for Madison harnesses the power of women and their networks to focus on meaningful involvement and bold investment in the Madison Experience. JMU women open doors for future generations of Dukes!


Women for Madison promotes investment in the future of James Madison University.


To enhance the engagement and collective financial impact of women giving to JMU.


  • Leadership: We are JMU donors who inspire other women to invest in JMU. 
  • Engagement: We build meaningful relationships to create a broader network of support. 
  • Education: We educate prospective and current donors about university programs, opportunities, outcomes and results. We inform them about ways to invest and the impact of their investments.
  • Diversity: We are representative of the JMU community. We reflect a variety of cultures, experiences and perspectives. We continually widen our circle of donors and promote a spectrum of meaningful opportunities that make an impact on JMU students. 

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