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Celebrating Women. Supporting Students. Sustaining JMU.

WE ARE A DIVERSE NETWORK of alumni, parents, students, friends, faculty and staff members of James Madison University who engage and inform women about the opportunities and needs of the university.

Author Katherine Wintsch (’99) talks about her book “Slay Like a Mother”


Women make history. We mobilize and act on passion, on values, on what matters most to us. Together we make it happen; we take our visions of what the world could be and should be, and we make them a reality. As Women for Madison our primary goal is to enhance the collective involvement and financial impact of all women investing in the university. Any woman who makes an annual gift in any amount, individually or jointly, to James Madison University is considered a Woman for Madison.


Your insight and experience are valuable. We all need to share the challenges we have faced and the successes we have achieved. We need to continue transforming the world and this campus for the better, the same way other women did before us.

Are you ready to make a difference? We need leaders who motivate and inspire us to make the changes that will improve our lives and the lives of generations that follow. We need catalysts to spark the change our campus needs. We need you. Join us at our next event, connect and reconnect with JMU women and then make a gift today.


Your investments make an impact on JMU and the world beyond.

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