“Dear Survivor,

What happened to you was not your fault. Let me say that again- None of this was your fault. No matter what you were wearing, where you were, your relationship with them, or whether you were sober or not- None of this was your fault. You are incredible, you are cared for, and you deserve good things.

Experiencing a traumatic event can feel unbearable. If you have felt rage, depression, numbness, agony, heartbreak, or grief over what happened to you- know you are not alone. While these emotions are painful beyond belief, they are also signs of healing. No matter where you are in your healing journey, no matter what emotions resonate the most with you, when you feel these emotions, you are processing your survivorship. It is okay if each day is a different step in your healing, we put strong emphasis on the idea that healing is not a linear process.

You never deserved this. However, you deserve happiness. You deserve to heal. You deserve a safe and healthy love. You deserve justice- however that may look for you. And you deserve people who will love you, support you, and sit with you through your hardest days and your shining moments.

To say what happened to you was an injustice would be an understatement. As an organization founded by survivors- we will continue to believe you, stand by you, and serve you through our work.

- Students Against Sexual Violence”

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