Getting involved is an important part of Being the Change. Sit in with guest speakers, join an identity group, participate in self-care workshops, and more.



Organizations by or for students that are engaged in awareness and prevention of power-based interpersonal violence.

Class Catalog

A non-exhaustive list of relevant classes available at JMU without any prerequisite courses. Refer to the most current course listing for specific dates, times, and course descriptions.

  • IDLS 384. Knowledge, Power, and Inequality
  • NSG 393. Power-based Personal Violence
  • ENG 423. Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality in Literature
  • POSC 377. Global Black Feminist Politics: On Power, Resistance, and Transformation
  • SOCI 354. Social Inequality
  • SOCI 367. Sociology of Sexuality
  • WGSS 200. Introduction to Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies [C5SD]
  • WGSS 325. Gender and Violence
  • WGSS 341. Gender and Justice
  • SCOM 301. Feminist Blogging: Writing for Shout Out! JMU
  • HTH 417. Women’s Global Health and Human Rights
  • HIST 321. Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe
  • Learn about JMU’s Queer Studies Minor
Off-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Connect with any of the following local organizations to learn how you can volunteer or support their events.

  • The Collins Center – A crisis support service and child advocacy center
  • First Step – A domestic violence shelter and confidential service for survivors of intimate partner or relationship violence

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