Students transferring from four-year institutions or the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) without an approved Associate Degree need to view the short tutorial below to determine how your transfer credits fulfill the JMU GenEd requirements and which requirements you need to complete. If you need to fulfill the Critical Thinking requirement in Cluster One and are transferring in as a junior, you can enroll in one of the 300-level integrative thinking courses to satisfy this requirement. If you have completed a VCCS associate degree, see information below on how to check and see if it will waive JMU's GenEd requirements.

Your transfer credits and the JMU General Education Program - printable .pdf version

The General Education Planner

VCCS Associate Degrees

The Virginia Community College System offers many types of Associate Degrees.  To see if your Associate Degree waives the James Madison University General Education Program requirements, view the 2 minute video below. List of Transferable Associate Degrees

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