What is the BRCC to JMU Co-Admission Program?

The Co-Admission Program is an invitation-only program where students from the Shenandoah Valley are offered admission to both BRCC and JMU. Students will begin their first year at BRCC and, if they meet all academic requirements, transition to JMU after one year.

Applicants who were initially waitlisted at JMU are identified and invited into the Co-Admission Program by the JMU Admissions Office based on their academic promise. Students will benefit from the excellent academic offerings and often smaller class sizes at BRCC, while also having the opportunity to attend select programs and activities offered at BRCC and JMU.

Students in this program take classes at BRCC that satisfy requirements for general education and their intended major at JMU. Upon completion of their first year, those who successfully meet the program's academic requirements will transition to JMU and will continue coursework leading toward their degree. 

JMU and BRCC are excited about this partnership and its opportunities for future Dukes. We are committed to providing students with the educational experiences for success. 

Program Overview

You will find detailed information on this website, but below is an overarching summary.

  • Select students are invited to join the BRCC-JMU Co-Admission Program by the JMU Admissions Office.
  • Students who accept the invitation will be admitted to both BRCC and JMU and will begin their studies at BRCC.
  • Students are assigned a JMU academic advisor to help them succeed at BRCC and successfully transfer to JMU beginning their second academic year.
  • Upon completing a minimum of 24 BRCC credit hours and earning a GPA of 3.0, students continue their studies at JMU to earn a 4-year JMU degree.
  • Students meeting program requirements will be admitted to JMU for the subsequent fall semester without being required to resubmit a JMU admission application.
  • Students who do not meet these requirements can be considered for admission through the typical competitive admission review process.
  • Students who are not admitted to JMU after their first year are encouraged to apply for admission to JMU at a later date.
  • Credits and GPA used to meet the 3.0 GPA and 24-credit requirement must be earned at BRCC after high school graduation. All transferable courses must have an earned grade of "C" or better to count towards program requirements for JMU admission. Credits earned at BRCC with the grade of "C" or better transfer to JMU. Grades earned at BRCC are not included in the student's JMU grade point average (GPA).

Contact Kate McDaniel if you have questions or would like more information.
540-568-7350 or transferadvising@jmu.edu  

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