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Student Life Stories

In Passion, She Serves

UPB Graduate Assistant Cassidy Lawson

As Graduate Assistant for University Program Board, Cassidy Lawson works at the heart of JMU's on-campus culture.
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Mad for Madipalooza

Madipalooza 2015

Hosted in its usual spot on the Festival Lawn, the event gave students the chance to relax and let out pre-finals stress with their friends before saying goodbye for the summer (or longer).
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MAD4U Fosters Growth Through Service
MAD4U and its housing in the Office of Student Activities and Involvement is a sort of home for students.

Inhale Serenity, Exhale Life Pollution
To combat constant stress and obligations, Mad4U has converted an old conference room on the 4th floor of Madison Union into a new meditation room.

Greek Life at the Graduate Level
Matt Ferramosca, Graduate Assistant with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, helps advise on-campus Greek organizations while earning his master's degree in College Student Personnel Administration.

Setting the Bar High for the Community Assistant Program
Graduate Assistant for Off Campus Life strives to make the CA program a success.

Kijiji Connects Students with the Community
Kijiji encourages collaboration between students and the Harrisonburg community.

A Wall Rises and Falls in Warren Nook
A unique art exhibit created by students in the GER 447 class to commemorate the 25 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall invites people to add their own graffiti to a replica Berlin Wall.

Three JMU Classes Devote the Semester to A Local Non-Profit
Three classes in James Madison University's College of Arts and Letters have come together to collaborate with the Collins Center, a local nonprofit whose mission is to prevent child sexual abuse and provide sexual assault response and treatment.

Festival's New Trash Cans Throw a Curve Ball
New recycling and compost options in Festival Conference & Student Center accept compost, landfill waste and plastics # 1 - 7.

Honors Seminar Abroad
International Seminar

Honors Seminar Abroad
Getting a globally minded perspective of the world, building independence, gaining confidence—all part of JMU Honors seminar abroad.

"I'm Still Here" by Emily Cavan Lynch
Photographer Emily Cavan Lynch took the pictures while working on a mission trip as a Field Communications Officer with Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Nap Nook
JMU senior psychology major creates Nap Nook in Festival to increase sleep education and provide a comfortable place for a 40-minute power nap

Take an Alternative Break
Community Service Learning offers an array of service trips year-round to engage your skills and desire to give back.

Love of hellbender fuels graduate student's desire to aid amphibians
The best way to catch a hellbender salamander is to get as many people as you can to lift rocks

Enjoying Summer in Harrisonburg
Top ten things to do around Harrisonburg in the summer.

The James and Gladys Kemp Lisanby Museum: A Hidden Treasure
In honor of Madison week and inauguration of President Jonathan Alger, the Lisanby Museum showcases an exhibit on James Madison.

Break the Silence
By working together, we hope to communicate and highlight sexual assault as a major public health, human rights, and social justice issue and to reinforce the need for prevention efforts.

All Together One: The Spirit of JMU
Do you know someone who has made great contributions to the JMU campus? Then nominate them for an All Together One award!

"Our first love and last love is self-love"…
In 2012, with help from the Leslie George Memorial Fund for Eating Disorder Awareness, the University Health Center's Student Wellness and Outreach partnered with JMU students to create a body image acceptance campaign called Absolute Value.

Sticking With It: New Year's Resolutions
With a new year comes a new beginning, an opportunity to start off fresh. Then why, after a few weeks, does the inspiration to change wear off?

Being a RA Enriches her JMU Experience
For Junior Sara Saenz, working for the Office of Residence Life enhances her JMU experience.

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer
Buddy the Elf traveled all the way from the North Pole to host with Operation Santa Claus and help JMU helped raise more than Christmas spirit for local foster children.

Serving is Learning
Are you tired of learning from lengthy lectures, pointless PowerPoints, and tedious tests? Then consider spicing up your education with community service-learning.

Holidays Around the World
Ever wonder how other peoples and cultures celebrate their holidays? JMU's Peer Mentor Program hosted an event celebrating and informing about holidays around the world.

Flourishing Music Scene at JMU
Interested in music? The JMU music scene is a growing force with current students and alumni forming popular local bands.

Picking Up Speed...Dating
Is it possible to find love in under two minutes?

Graduate Student Gone Greek
Taylor Symons, Graduate Assistant with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, helps advise on-campus Greek organizations while earning his master's degree in College Student Personal Administration.

Harvesting Fall Flavor
Fall brings seasonal treats and an excitement about food in general. Many groups around JMU are planning events related to fall food.

Building Manager Constructs a Bright Future
Lukas Ace, senior building manager for Madison Union, shares his JMU experience.

Adventure is Her Job
Wonder what it is like to work at UREC? Check out this student profile about undergraduate UREC employee Sally Ontiveros.

Dukes to the Rescue
David Krajewski is a student at JMU and a member of the Harrisonburg Volunteer Rescue Squad. He considers this to be a defining part of his JMU experience. He sat down to talk about his involvement.

Enjoying Food and History in Italy
JMU student Molli Ferrarello traveled to Florence as part of JMU's Study Abroad program.

High Hopes for Flight Club
JMU student Pratt Templeton helped start Flight Club in spring 2011 and hopes that the club will receive recognition from the University soon.

Life Of a FrOG
The duties of a JMU FrOG include dancing, giving campus tours and hosting social events to help first year students transition to college life.

JMU Summer Conference Assistant
JMU graduate Kai Brokamp sharpens her event management and customer service skills as a Conference Assistant.

Presidential Leadership Academy
Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA) is a weeklong program designed to empower JMU campus leaders, especially those who take on the title of 'President' of student organizations.