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Please review the process for requesting a JMU STEM Experience below.

Contact STEM Center Director, Kerry Cresawn (

Program Structure and Group Size Capacity:
  1. Spring visits will be available 9-11 and 11:30-1:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between February 12th- March 6th and March 27th-April 10th with the exception of Friday April 5th (JMU CHOICES event limits our faculty and room availability). 

  2. We currently have five experiences to chose from. The days and times that an experience is available is based on the hosting professor's college teaching schedule and is therefore not flexible. 

  3. Each experience is two hours and is led by the professor/s who developed the experience. We also have JMU student volunteers in the room to assist the professors and create a welcoming and engaging environment. 

  4. We recognize that not all STEM disciplines are represented among the 5 options. The programs we offer are based on the discipline of the professors who express interest in partnering with us on this program. We hope to add two additional experiences next year. 

  5. The number of students we can accommodate in an experience is based on equipment, space, or fire code limitations. This cap is unfortunately not negotiable. All experiences except "Cut by Numbers" is capped at 25 students. "Cut by Numbers" is capped at 20 due to the limitations of the vinyl-cutting equipment.

  6. We can accommodate up to 50 of your students; they will be divided into 2 groups of 25, each getting a different experience. Groups of 25 or less will participate in one experience. Groups of 26-50 must identify a day and time when more than one program is offerered. See schedule of concurrent offerings here

Group Expectations:
  1. A teacher or chaperone will be present at each experience and address any behavior issues. Behavior management is not the job of the professor or student volunteers.

  2. Students will not have their cell phones out unless instructed for the purpose of the activity or to take photos or videos as permitted by the instructor. 

  3. There is no food or drink (including water bottles) permitted in most of the labs. We will let you know if the room scheduled for your visit has a food & drink policy. If you are in one of these rooms, food and drinks can be kept in backpacks and placed in the back of the room. 

  4. In those same labs, open-toe shoes are also not permitted. Again, we will let you know if this applies to your visit.

  5. In our email communications about the visit, we will share a link to a short video and ask that you have your students view it before the visit. The videos are designed to spark their interest and provide context for the experience. You can also find the video link in the "to share with your students" block of the description page.

  6. We have a JMU student photographer who will be present at most visits. Photos will be shared on our social media pages (FB: JMUSTEMCenter and Instagram: jmu_stemoutreach). They will ask about photo permission exceptions when they arrive. We will not share any photos of students who do not have permission. We will share all photos with you when they are available. 

  7. We will ask teachers to complete a feedback survey. This is important in informing how we improve the program to provide more engaging and impactful experiences for you and your students.

Submitting a Request:
  1. All requests for Spring 2024 are due by 5pm on January 19th, 2024. Link to the form is below. We will contact you by January 26th to confirm the date and experience/s for your field trip.

  2. We will fill requests by considering: 1) the order they are submitted, and 2) providing this opportunity to as many different schools as possible. 

  3. Requests that we do not fill this semester will have priority scheduling for Fall 2024. 

  4. Once your visit is scheduled: 2-3 weeks before your visit, you will receive an email from the STEM Center director with links to our map and meal voucher request form (if applicable) and details regarding location, bus drop-off and parking, lab and classroom policies, what to expect, etc. 

Spring 2024 Request Forms

The request form for the Spring semester (February-April 2024) is open now and closes Fri. Jan 19th, 2024 at 5PM. 

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