Scholarship Overview
Gifts to this Scholarship will be made for the benefit of James Madison University and will provide the financial resources to establish and support an annual scholarship to be known as The Division of Student Affairs & University Planning Scholarship. Through these gifts, financial resources will be available for a certain term, as provided in this Agreement, to support this Scholarship for students at James Madison University. Applications and nominations for this scholarship may be submitted at any time during the year by individuals employed by James Madison University within its Division of Student Affairs & University Planning. All nominations shall be considered during an annual review process coordinated by the Division's Scholarship Committee. The appointment of a student as a Division of Student Affairs & University Planning Scholar shall follow the Division's guidelines for the recommendation of student scholars and the University's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships; provided, however, that the following specific conditions are here noted:The first preference shall be students who are family members of full-time employees in the Division of Student Affairs & University Planning at the date of application/nomination; provided, however, that family members of the Division's senior vice president shall not be eligible for consideration. In the event that there may be no candidates eligible for consideration who satisfy the first preference, then the secondary preference shall be students who demonstrate some other substantive connection to the Division (i.e., status as a former student employee of the Division). It is intended that the scholarship award decision will be made and announced each year prior to mid-March. The scholarship award will be distributed to the successful candidate in the following academic year. A student may seek this scholarship more than once, if not selected in a particular year; but upon selection, this scholarship award may be received only once during a student's college career at James Madison University.

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