Scholarship Overview

The Aurelia B. Walford Scholarships in Music will be administered as stated in the last will and testament of Aurelia Behm Walford:

1. Applications will be initiated by the student, generally in the spring of the academic year. The application may be accompanied by letters of recommendation from professors or any other person regarding the applicant's ability.

2. All applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Walford Scholarship Committee, which shall include representatives of the Department of Music, the Department of Communication Arts, and the Department of Art.

3. The decision of the committee will be made on the basis of the merit of the applicant. Scholarship eligibility shall be limited to those students majoring in applied music or music education, a large portion of which is directly related to classical music.

4. The scholarship will be renewable as long as the student pursues this major. The committee may award the scholarships in varying amounts and numbers depending on the funds available and the number and merit of applicants. The scholarships will be renewable only through application.

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria
Freshmen   Sophomore   Junior   Senior  

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