Scholarship Overview

An endowed scholarship established by friends and family in memory of Robert Michael Harper, an '81 geology graduate, who died February 19, 1992 of injuries sustained in an auto accident. This scholarship is intended to financially assist a deserving undergraduate to continue his studies and to serve as a memorial to a man loved by many. The specific scholarship eligibility criteria are as follows: Priority in awarding is given to a brother in good standing of both the national fraternity and Phi Beta Kappa chapter of AXP. (As of March 15, 2001, the date of the scholarship amendment, AXP no longer had a valid charter on the campus of James Madison University.) If an appropriate candidate cannot be found in the AXP fraternity, then the recipient must be a brother in good standing of both the national fraternity and its local chapter having a charter in good standing at James Madison University. The recipient must be either a rising junior or senior, demonstrate financial need as determined by the Office of Student financial Aid and be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or better. The recipient must, by letters of recommendation and/or reputation among his fraternity brothers, demonstrate versatility. Considerations would include (but not be limited to): - Participation in intercollegiate or intramural athletics; Leadership, as indicated by having held or holding an office or otherwise being active in the fraternity, the Inter-Fraternity Council, student government or other university-sponsored group; Positive commitment to the fraternity or university; Other hobbies or interests. Students should file the standard JMU Foundation Scholarship Application with the Office of Financial Aid no Later than March 15 of the preceding academic year. Selection by the Office of Student financial Aid Committee will be made on or prior to May 1. The award will be for the two succeeding semesters.

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria
Freshmen   Sophomore   Junior   Senior  


Special application requirements
This scholarship requires the student to complete the General Application in Madison Scholarships Hub (the Hub). If you meet the basic qualifications for this scholarship, you will be prompted to complete additional materials to be considered for this scholarship and/or determine your eligibility. For further information about how to log into the Hub and application deadlines, please see our website:

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