Scholarship Overview

An endowed scholarship established by Peter and Phyllis Pruden in memory of Judith Brothers Pruden, Class of 1940, because of their desire to support public higher education in the state of Virginia and at JMU. This scholarship will help attract academically talented students to the teaching profession as well as provide future teachers, who are financially needy with assistance in paying for their education. This scholarship will be awarded to a full time honors student who plans to be licensed in the Elementary Education Licensure Program and who demonstrates a financial need. The student will have at least a 3.5 (out of 4.0) grade point average, be enrolled in either the Honors Scholars Program or the Subject Area Honors Program, and making progress toward completing either program to graduate with distinction. The recipient should have high moral character, strong leadership qualities, be able to communicate well, and conceptualize clearly. The student will receive this scholarship for four years, from the beginning of the sophomore year through the graduate school year to include the Master of Arts in Teaching. If at any time the student recipient fails to meet the requirements, a new student will be selected based on the established criteria. The scholarship recipient will be selected by the School of Education Scholarship Committee in conjunction with the Director of the Honors College and the Office of Financial Aid. The scholarship will be administered by the Office of Financial Aid.

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria
Freshmen   Sophomore   Junior   Senior  


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