Scholarship Overview

Established with a gift from Dr. Charles P. Thomas, Jr. to create The College of Science and Mathematics Fund in support of Faculty and Student Summer Research in Biology. This fund will provide financial resources annually to support a mentored team - involving both a faculty member and an undergraduate student - working jointly and concurrently on a summer research project in the field of Biology. It is anticipated that these annual endeavors will provide special opportunities for the members of the Biology faculty to work with undergraduate students majoring in Biology who seek opportunities to engage in guided scientific research during the summer; such research opportunities typically will arise from or advance the particular student's academic studies.

The funds available each year shall be shared equally—so that one-half shall be awarded to the student as a scholarship for the summer and one-half shall be awarded to the faculty member as a stipend for the summer. This gift will encourage Biology majors to pursue research opportunities during their undergraduate careers that may give rise to the consideration of career opportunities in a scientific, medical, or related research discipline. Beyond the above criteria, the appointment of students and faculty members to receive these research-related funds shall follow the university's guidelines for the awards of such funds.

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria
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