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An endowed scholarship established by the Black Alumni Chapter of James Madison University, supported by charitable gifts from members and friends of the Chapter to provide the financial resources to establish and support an Endowed Scholarship for students entering their first year of study at James Madison University. The appointment of a student as a Black Alumni Chapter Scholar shall follow the University's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships, provided, however, that the following specific conditions are here noted:

The Black Alumni Chapter's specific intention by this fund is to benefit under-represented students entering the University as first-year students; and, further, to influence such student's respective decisions to enroll at the University. For this reason, the parties specifically acknowledge here that the selection determinations regarding this Scholarship need to be made and announced early in the decision process so this Scholarship may fulfill its purpose and serve as an effective influence on the decisions of eligible student scholars. Please further note - The Black Alumni Chapter's specific intention is that offers of this Scholarship be made in a timely fashion in both the fall and spring semesters - with a at least one scholarship awarded to an early admitted student and the balance of the available scholarship(s) awarded to regularly admitted students.

Scholarship recipients shall be selected based on merit and any additional factors that the Scholarship Selection Committee may deem important.

The diversity recruitment representative(s) of the Admissions Office at James Madison University will pre-screen applicants and select those students the representative(s) feel(s) most qualify for the Scholarship. Final selection of the scholarship recipients will be made by the Scholarship Selection Committee.

The Black Alumni Chapter's specific intention is that a minimum of one scholarship recipient will be chosen each year; and, the minimum award for each recipient will be One Thousand Dollars.

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