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An endowed scholarship, the Endowment for Student Government Association Leadership Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students actively involved in the Student Government Association at James Madison University. The determination of the recipient(s) for this annual scholarship award will be based on the process described below:All students interested in being considered for this Scholarship shall make their interest known by participating in an annual essay competition administered by the SGA Leadership Scholarship Committee. This essay competition will focus each year on the topic of "Leadership & Student Government- Why I Choose To Be Involved." The details regarding the essay competition (e.g., essay due date, essay length and other essay requirements) will be announced annually during the fall semester. The SGA Leadership Scholarship Committee retains the right to modify, revise, or replace the specific essay topic from time to time, as a matter within its discretion in administering the essay competition. To be a candidate for this Scholarship, a student must be an active member of the Student Government Association at the time of the deadline for submission of the essays. A committee to be known as the SGA Leadership Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for reviewing all essays which are submitted in a timely manner and meet the requirements for consideration.

A complete set of the guidelines for this Scholarship and its essay competition will be available from the SGA Leadership Scholarship Committee. The appointment of a student as a SGA Leadership Scholar shall follow the Committee's guidelines for the administration of this essay competition-based scholarship program, as outlined above, and the University's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships; provided, however, that the following specific conditions are here noted: In the event that there may be no candidates eligible for consideration for this scholarship based on the guidelines outlined above, then the SGA Leadership Scholarship Committee may, in its sole discretion, elect to recommend to the University's office responsible for Scholarships & Financial Aid a student for this Scholarship award on its own nomination. To be so nominated in this way, the student must be involved actively in the Student Government Association and demonstrate a level of leadership quality consistent with the guiding purpose(s) of this Endowed Scholarship. A student may seek this Scholarship more than once, if not selected in a particular year; but upon selection, this Scholarship award may be received only once during a student's college career at James Madison University.

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