If there is an accident, injury, or other unfortunate occurrence in the field involving a university sponsored field trip, here are suggested points in order of chronology:

  • All research team supervisors should have all necessary contact names and phone numbers to call back to campus including that of Campus Police, Risk Management, and sponsoring office before leaving on field trips.
  • Secure basic list of "what to do's" and "what not to do's" from the office of Risk Management prior to field trip.
  • Leave pertinent itinerary, departures/return dates and times, list of participants, those in charge in the field, those in charge back on campus, and field contact numbers and locations with Campus Police Dispatch at FAX numbers 568-3308 and 568-7926.
  • Provide appropriate medical attention first, and call closest rescue squad and police agency
  • If in Virginia and the incident involves state vehicles, call the Virginia State Police.
  • Notify Campus Police of incident and nature of incident.
  • Contact Risk Management office.
  • If out of state, try to get the state police of that state, but if they are not available, the county police (or Sheriff), and local/municipal police in that order
  • Secure ALL pertinent information, names of all parties involved, witnesses, investigating police officer, rescue squad commander/ supervisor, dates, times, locations, insurance carriers & policy numbers, and all INCIDENT REPORT NUMBERS!
  • Many police agencies have a brief complaint sheet containing basic information that is written at the scene, at the time of the incident/ accident. Ask the officer(s)/ rescue squad personnel for a copy that report.
  • If persons are taken to nearby or regional medical care providers (clinics, hospitals, attending and examining physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.), get ALL pertinent information and numbers.
  • Be careful about what information you impart to others (accept of course investigating police offices).
  • Provide pertinent updates to campus contacts, Risk Management, and Campus Police.
  • Contact Campus Police upon return.

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