1. Medical Attention First: Call nearest rescue squad and Virginia State Police. If outside of Virginia contact State Police or Sheriff, of City Police with jurisdiction. Be sure to obtain written copy of accident report. (Insurance company will not pay without it)

  2. Call:
    JMU Insurance Company: Crawford & Co.
    (O) 1-866-219-6120

  3. Call:
    Jeff Bourne
    (O) 540-568-6164
    (H) 540-438-9862

    If he is not available, call:

    Janet Lucas
    (O) 540-568-6248
    (H) 540-564-1805


    Brad Babcock
    (O) 540-568-8196
    (H) 540-234-7630

  4. Call JMU Campus Police
    Phone: 540-568-6911

  5. Obtain the Following Information:

    1. A copy of written "accident report signed by police".

    2. Names and addresses of all parties involved

    3. Names and addresses of witnesses

    4. Names of investigating police officers

    5. Name of rescue squad supervisor

    6. Name and Policy # of Insurance Company of others involved.

  6. If anyone is taken to medical care facility:

    1. Get name of facility

    2. Name of Examining Physician

  7. Information should not be given to others except investigating police officers.

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