The Role of PPH Advising

As a Pre-Professional Health student, you have an academic advising team! At minimum, you have two advisors. One advisor for your major and another advisor for your Pre-Professional Health (PPH) Minor. If you have additional majors, minors, or are a varsity student-athlete, then you will have additional advisors. Your advisor for each academic program will serve as a resource to help you with academic planning and decision-making regarding the declared academic program to which they are assigned as your advisor.

Advising for students planning to apply to graduate professional health programs involves more than just picking courses. PPH Advisors help students with planning service opportuntities, the required standardized tests, program selection, and the application processes.

The office of Pre-Professional Health Advising is located in the Student Success Center, on the 4th floor Advising Hub (suite 4041). 

Sharon Babcock, PhD


Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising 

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry

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Katie Fisher, MS


Pre-Professional Health Advisor

Pre-Medicine, Pre-PA, and Pre-Vet Med

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Louise Gilchrist, PT, PhD


Pre-Professional Health Advisor

Pre-AT, Pre-PT, and Pre-OT

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Mary Hildebrand, RPh


Pre-Professional Health Advisor

Pre-Pharmacy Advisor 

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Dr. Jeff Andre

Pre-Professional Health Advisor

Pre-Optometry Advisor 

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Professional Administrative Assistant

Professional Adminstrative Assistant

Contact: | 540-568-6652

Madison Advising Peers (MAPs)

In addition to academic advisors of record, JMU also has peer advisors that are part of your advising team. MAPs are fellow students that work in conjunction with faculty advisors to provide supplemental academic advising information and assist JMU undergraduate students who have general advising questions. The MAPs that specialize in supporting PPH students. 

PPH MAPs are available for both in-person and virtual drop-ins. 

For in-person sessions, students may schedule in advance or drop-in to PPHA offices located in Student Success Center on the fourth floor (Suite 4041).

Schedule an in-person meeting or check available drop-in times here! 

For a virtual drop in, follow these instructions: 

  1. View available Virtual Drop-In hours and schedule a meeting here! 
  2. After submitting a request to meet, you will immediately receive an email with a link to the MAP's Zoom Room. 
  3. When you’re ready, log in to the virtual “waiting room” and the available MAP will begin the session.  
  4. If you are in the waiting room for longer than a minute, it may be that the MAP is wrapping up a previous session – hang tight!
Fall 2022 Drop-In Hours - TBA!






Hannah Johnson

Hannah_Johnson_MAP.jpgYear: Senior, c/o 2023

Major: Health Sciences

Minors: Exceptional Education, Non-Teaching

Campus Involvement: Phi Epsilon Kappa

Avery Ward

Year: Junior, c/o 2024

Major: Health Sciences

Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and Pre-Physician Assistant 

Interests: Baking, reading, and going to the beach!

Lilly Bennett

Year: Sophomore, c/o 2025

Major: Health Sciences

Minor: Pre-Occupational Therapy, Honors, & WRTC

Interests: Reading, coffee, traveling, and spendnig time with friends!

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