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Supported Courses

Below is a table of all the courses supported by PASS during the Fall 2016 semester. They are arranged by subject, course number, and professor. Also listed is the peer leader who will be sitting in on that course section and leading the corresponding PASS. The locations and times of all the study sessions for this semester are listed for your convenience.

Course Professor Peer Leader Meeting Time Location


BIO 140 Halsell Nicole Landry TBD TBD
BIO 140 Cresawn Alex Mae Shafer TBD TBD
BIO 140 Ludwig/Cresawn Sophie Jurgensen TBD TBD
BIO 140 Rife Grant Rybnicky TBD TBD
BIO 214 Monroe Jillian Breault TBD TBD
BIO 270 Garrison Hannah Ackleson TBD TBD
BIO 270 Parker Sarah Buczkowski TBD TBD
BIO 270 Hynd Livvy Call TBD TBD
BIO 280 Herrick Emily Hennessy TBD TBD
BIO 290 Velayudhan Clarissa Palmer
Erin Brigham
BIO 290 McLeod Ali Starr TBD TBD


CHEM 120 Wilson Katie Lee
Colleen Wallace
CHEM 131 Reisner Becky Harkness TBD TBD
CHEM 131 Zhang Casey Quinn TBD TBD
CHEM 131 Tam Daniel Marzolf TBD TBD
CHEM 131 Blumling Kenna Salvatore  TBD TBD
CHEM 131 Hughey Stephanie Rathjen  TBD TBD
CHEM 132 Liu Dylan Boeckmann TBD TBD
CHEM 132 Raston Saleem Aboite TBD TBD
CHEM 241 Amenta Mark Heslin TBD TBD
CHEM 241 Caran Sean Gay TBD TBD
CHEM 242 Mohler Tyler Palombo TBD TBD


COB 291 Palocsay Maggie Carney  TBD TBD
COB 291 Markham Faith Elseth TBD TBD
COB 291 Pal Steven Petillo  TBD TBD


ECON 200 Fields Carrie Bao TBD TBD
ECON 200 Gochenour Kara Schwenkmeyer  TBD TBD
ECON 201 TBD Yifei Zhang TBD TBD
ECON 201 Jerome Andrew Tucker TBD TBD


MATH 107 Siegfried Sam Bergeron TBD TBD
MATH 205 Chalishajar Morgan Butler TBD TBD
MATH 207 Stevens Katie Scupp TBD TBD