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Below is a table of all College of Business courses supported by PASS during the Fall 2021 semester. They are arranged by subject, course number, and professor. Also listed is the peer leader who will be sitting in on that course section and leading the corresponding PASS. The times of all the study sessions for this semester are listed below.

For sessions that are held online, please reach out to your PASS Leader through the course you are enrolled in on Canvas for access to Zoom links. If you are not enrolled in the section of the course that the PASS Leader is assigned to, please search for the PASS Leader using JMU's directory.


COB PASS Leader Sessions

Course Professor Peer Leader Meeting Time Location
COB 291 Novoa Sydney Spevak

Wed: 6-7 PM

Sun: 7-8 PM

EnGeo 1204

EnGeo 1210

COB 291 Pal Paige Rufolo

Mon: 4-5 PM

Wed: 3-4 PM



COB 291 Palocsay Anna McGrath

Wed: 5-6 PM

Sun: 5-6 PM

Godwin 337

Godwin 337

COB 291 Vaziri Hannah Hodgkiss

Wed: 6:30-7:30 PM

Sun: 3-4 PM

SSC 4046


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