JMU defines a universal restroom as a single occupancy restroom which can be used by people of any sex or gender. Most are accessible and several are fully ADA compliant. Some also have a baby changing station.

1077 S. Main Street: not accessible

Alumnae Hall: T207 and 299B; 299B is fully accessible

Anthony-Seeger: outside YCP, inside PD, and basement

Atlantic Union Bank Center: Fully accessible with baby changing stations; several located on main concourse, Club Room, and TLC restaurant (available only during events)

Bridgeforth Stadium: 2nd and 5th floors, all fully accessible with baby changing station

Campbell Building-IIHHS

Cardinal House: not accessible

Carrier Library: Basement level near Stairwell D (with baby changing station) and 3rd floor around the corner from Stairwell E (fully accessible with baby changing station).

Cleveland Hall: not accessible

College of Business Learning Complex: In Hartman: T0104 ground floor near Lakeside Café and T1002 on 1st floor (with baby changing station). In Showker: T0221

D-Hall Dining Hall: T2003 fully accessible with baby changing station

D-Hub Dining Hall: At entrance, fully accessible with baby changing station

Darcus Johnson Hall: 1st floor, T1003, fully accessible with baby changing station

Duke Hall: T2119, T2117, T2107, T3121, T3119, T3107, all fully accessible

Dukes Dining: Fully accessible located on 1st and 2nd floors

E-Hall Dining Hall: 1st floor, fully accessible

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum: Pavilion, fully accessible with baby changing station

Foundation Hall: Available on every floor, fully accessible

Health and Behavioral Studies Building: TG037 and TG028 on ground floor are fully accessible with baby changing stations and accessible shower facilities. T1100 on first floor has limited access via clinic.

Hillcrest House: not accessible

Hillcrest Annex: accessible T1001

Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors

Hotel Madison: Lobby

Johnston Hall: 2nd floor, not accessible

JMAC-2: A199A

JMAC-5: 299E fully accessible

King Hall: T215

Lakeview Hall: T1177

Madison Union/Warren: 509 and 510 are fully accessible

Memorial Hall: T6140 with baby changing station, T7106, T7222

Plecker Athletic Performance Center: T104 (weight room), T107D, T201, T216

Print Services (1050 S. Main Street)

Power Plant: T1008 and T2003

Rose Library: 1st floor, 24-Hour space (fully accessible, JACard required)

Sentara Park: Pavilion, and Stadium fully accessible with baby changing stations

Student Success Center: T1082, T2000, T3028, T4028, T5011 all fully accessible with baby changing station

Studio Center: 1st floor

University Recreation Center (UREC):  1st floor fully accessible with changing rooms, shower, and baby changing station

University Recreation: University Park Pavilion

University Services Building Annex: T1007

Varner House: 102D

Wilson Hall: 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors all fully accessible

Wine-Price: 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors, T2042 has baby changing station

Residence Hall Common Areas:

Please note that these restrooms may only be accessed by students who live in the building or are the guest of a resident.

Apartments on Grace: 1st floor lounge

Bell Hall: 1st floor lounge

Chandler Hall: 1st floor

Chappelear Hall: 1st floor lounge

Chesapeake Hall: 1st floor RA office

Converse Hall: Basement, near the common room

Dingledine Hall: 1st floor lounge

Eagle Hall: 1st floor and Basement

Frederikson Hall: 1st floor lounge

Garber Hall: 1st floor lounge

Gifford Hall: 1st floor

Hanson Hall: 1st floor lounge

Harper Allen-Lee Hall: Basement level

Hillside Hall: 1st floor lounge

Hoffman Hall: Basement lounge

Huffman Hall: 1st floor lounge

Ikenberry Hall: 1st floor lounge

Logan Hall: 1st floor RA Office

McGraw-Long Hall: 1st floor lounge

Paul Jennings Hall: All floors, T151 with baby changing station

Shenandoah Hall: 1st floor: G010, G012

Shorts Hall: 1st floor lobby

Spotswood Hall: Basement

Wampler Hall: Basement

Wayland Hall: Basement

Weaver Hall: 1st floor lounge

White Hall: 1st floor lounge

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