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Our program prepares graduates for professional careers in two broad areas of sustainability

How you move forward with your degree after graduation depends on your interests and the previous education and work experience you bring with you. As an interdisciplinary curriculum, our international master’s degree is designed to build on expertise and training that you already have. A student with a background in biology will go in a different direction than someone with experience in public policy, engineering, or geography. However, all of our graduates share a holistic understanding of sustainability and the environment, and bring a systems-based, problem-solving approach to their work.

“The program was a great fit for my target job. It provided a stronger foundation in areas I was already familiar with, enlightened me in new related areas, and gave me a running start.”


Our program prepares graduates for professional careers in two broad areas of sustainability—natural resources conservation and environmental management.  No matter which path is taken, we regularly attract students who want to make a difference and their career trajectories show it.

Graduates work in private companies, government, and the non-profit sector, so you are not limited to just one kind of employer. We also have graduates who have started their own businesses. Examples of past and current employers of our students include:

  • New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
  • International Rice Research Institute
  • Malta Environment and Planning Authority
  • EDF Renewable Energy
  • United Nations Environment Programme
  • Haliburton Energy Services
  • Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change
  • Virginia Center for Wind Energy
  • AIS Environmental Ltd.
  • University of Hawaii
  • Air compliance project manager

The jobs that our graduates get reflect the breadth of our program as well as the diversity of their own unique talents and interests. For example, our alumni have worked in the following positions:

  • Assistant director for marketing and sustainability
  • Education and outreach specialist
  • Logging geologist
  • Associate systems engineer
  • Executive projects coordinator
  • Archaeologist and environmental monitor
  • Partnership development coordinator
  • Operations officer on hazardous waste
  • Business operations specialist
  • Assistant scientist
  • Project engineer

We have a good support system in place for helping you prepare you resume and job search strategy. You have access to JMU’s career planning services as both student and new alumni, and we can help you access career fair databases, practice your interviewing skills, and learn how to shine on paper and in person. Informal seminars during your program of study will guide and coach you through the process of networking and securing a job. And throughout our program you will gain skills that give you confidence as a practicing sustainability professional.

“The program helped to give me the confidence and skills I needed to pursue work in this career field… the many challenging projects and assignments that required public speaking and presentations were of utmost importance to me. Those experiences have stuck with me today and make it much easier to dive into group work and present my ideas, as well as speak to large groups.”

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