LSI uses The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) to help students idenitfy areas of academic strength and weakness. Now, thanks to a collaboration with The Office of Strategic Planning & Engagement, students who meet with LSI will now have a new opportunity: LASSI Modules!

These online modules allow students to be enagaged learners on a new level by targeting the following areas for improvement based on their LASSI results:

  • Anxiety
  • Attitude
  • Concentration
  • Information Processing
  • Motivation
  • Self-Testing
  • Selecting Main Ideas
  • Test Strategies
  • Time Management
  • Using Academic Resources

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What is Learning Strategies Instruction?

Learning Strategies Instruction provides individualized, student-centered, academic coaching designed to increase student success. The diverse range of undergraduate and graduate students we serve will be motivated to achieve individual goals by becoming self-regulated learners and building academic and personal self-efficacy.

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