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Our graduates apply the knowledge and skills learned while earning their master's degrees; as a result, many have obtained promotions and moved into high-level security positions. These positions include the following:  

  • Director of National Cyber Security Division, U.S. Department of Homeland Security 

  • Director of Information Security Technology, U.S. Senate 

  • Chief Information Officer, U.S. House of Representatives  Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Homeland Security 

  • Systems Engineer Staff, Lockheed Martin

  • Information Security Specialist, Rockwell Automation 

  • Security Engineer, Red River Networks 

  • Vice President and CIO, Zel Technologies 

  • Chief, DOD Computer Emergency Response Team  Director of Security Technologies, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems  

  • Instructor for Computer Science, US Air Force Academy 

  • IT Senior Manager, Capital One 

  • Manager of IT Operations/Connectivity, CommScope 

  • Associates, Booz Allen Hamilton 

  • Director, Information Security, CGI Group,Inc 

  • President and CEO, TWM Associates, Inc. 

  • COO, Prevailance Inc. 

  • CEO, Prevailance Inc. 

  • Senior Manager, Symantec Corporation 

  • Information Systems Security Engineer, Raytheon Network Centric Systems

  • Manager, Cyber Security, Nuclear Energy Institute 

  • Manager, Information Security Compliance, The University of Kansas   

  • Director for Communication Infrastructure Protection, The White House

  • Deputy Director, Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International

  • Vice President, National Security Policy, Verizon Communications

  • CEO, NACON Consulting LLC

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Three JMU graduates have established a new organization called the Cyber Conflict Studies Association. Members include employees and staff from the White House, DHS, DoD, NSA, CIA, DIA, and academia and private industry. 

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