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Student Work

Students in classes that are taught by HPC-associated faculty often are putting what they've learned in the classroom into a real-world exercise. Below are a few examples of this student work.

Applying Political Advocacy to Professional Nursing Scope of Practice and the Health Care Environment

Nursing Scope of Practice Blog link

NSG 354: Art and Science of Nursing

Students in Professor Melody Eaton's Art and Science of Nursing class (NSG 354) created a three-part blog dealing with health policy.

Guidlines for the assignment

  • Analyze the process, impact and implications of a Health Policy Change for your own nursing practice
  • Develop and implement a political action plan based on relevant health legislature
  • Clarify personal/professional healthcare advocacy role through use of technology

Prenatal Care in Surrounding Areas

NSG 490: Healthy Health Policy Evaluation

This interprofessional elective has students use local data to develop professional posters and policy briefs based on that data to disseminate healthy health policy recommendations. The work displayed below is from Professor Maria deValpine's spring class. They used data to look at prenatal care in surrounding areas, including Augusta, Rockbridge and Rockingham counties.

Prenatal Care in Augusta County: Birth Rates, Dates, and Locations
Presented by: Mercedes Barnes, Alayna L. Breeden, Kacy L. Edsall, Kyle M. Hatch,
Crystal Jones, Sarah M. Scheid, Talia M. Startsman
Prenatal Care in Augusta County: Birth Rates, Dates, and Locations

Prenatal Care in Rockbridge
Presented by: Emily Corridon, Addie Huizenga, Mary Hunt, Christie Moyer, Loan Nguyen, and Selamawi Tilahun
Prenatal Care in Rockbridge County

Rock-a-bye Baby: Prenatal Care in Rockingham County and Harrisonburg
Presented by: Charlotte Adams, PJ Dibenedetto, Carter LaBoue, Marzan Mitu,
Becca Waters, Kelsey Weathers, and Molly Web
Prenatal Care in Rockingham County and Harrisonburg

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