The Centennial Scholars Program undergraduate

application is now CLOSED for the 2023-24 academic year.

The application process has two phases: the eligibility phase and the interview phase. Applicants must be eligible for CSP in order to continue to the interview phase. The application process detailed below applies to incoming transfer students who plan to enter JMU in the fall semester.


Apply to JMU

  • Refer to the "Apply to JMU" link for the Admissions criteria and application process. Students who apply to JMU as a transfer, but are awaiting a response, are still able to apply to CSP. We highly encourage you to apply as soon as the application window opens.
  • Students must be a Virginia residents according to the Admissions Office application record.

Review CSP Eligibility and Undergraduate Program Requirements

  • Please note: All students must be Pell Grant-eligible and within a maximum Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) range to qualify for an interview. All information provided on the FAFSA is preliminary until the JMU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can verify Pell Grant eligibility.

Complete the Online CSP Application through the Madison Scholarship Hub in MyMadison

  • Applications are now OPEN for the 2023-24 academic school year!
  • Grant applications for new students are accepted through the Madison Scholarship Hub. You can click HERE or go directly to your MyMadison student account and click on the Applicant tab. Click on the logo for Madison Scholarship Hub and follow the instructions within the MSH to apply. There is a general application for the Hub and two short essay questions for our grant. When viewing the list of scholarships/grants, search for "Centennial" and click on it to proceed.
  • Applications must be received by February 1st.

CSP Decision Email Notice

  • CSP applicants will be contacted via email regarding their application status.
  • If all eligibility requirements are met, including admission notification to JMU, applicants will proceed to Phase Two of the CSP application process.

Respond to the Email Interview Invitation

  • Eligible applications will receive an email with a link to sign up for an interview time.

Attend the mandatory CSP interview

  • All interviews will be conducted virtually. Eligible applicants will receive an email with instructions on the process.
CSP Decisions Emailed
  • Within 1-2 week(s) of all first-year interviews being conducted, applicants will be contacted regarding our final decision.
  • Preliminary financial eligibility screening only determines if applicants can receive an interview.
  • The interview phase of the application process determines which students are accepted into the program, pending final financial verification.

Student Confirmation of CSP Grant Acceptance

  • Students must accept their grant award by the deadline stated in the email decision notice.
  • Final determination of financial eligibility is made by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS).
  • If OFAS determines that a student is not Pell Grant eligible, CSP is unable to accept that student into the program.

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