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VI. Constitution of the Faculty Senate

Article V: Meetings

Section 1.

The organizational meeting of the newly-constituted Faculty Senate shall be held each year in April, after the conclusion of the regular Faculty Senate meeting, for the purpose of electing new officers.

Section 2.

The Faculty Senate shall hold meetings as follows:

  • First Thursday in September
  • First Thursday in October
  • First Thursday in November
  • First Thursday in December
  • Last Thursday in January
  • Last Thursday in February
  • Last Thursday in March
  • Last Thursday in April

These regular meetings shall be open meetings under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and all members of the James Madison University community are welcome. The time and location of the meetings will be posted on the Faculty Senate website. Members must be given at least three days' notice of all regular meetings by the speaker. In the event the university is closed on the regular meeting day, the meeting will be rescheduled to the following Thursday at the same time and place, if the university has re-opened, and the website will reflect the change.

Section 3.

The speaker may also call special meetings of the Faculty Senate as deemed necessary. Upon receipt of a petition from at least 20 percent of the membership of the Faculty Senate, the speaker shall immediately call a meeting of the Faculty Senate to be held no later than five working days after the petition is received, if the university is in session, or at least thirty days after the petition is received, if the university is not in session. Notice will be provided to all members, and the time and location will be posted on the website.

Section 4.

A quorum of the Faculty Senate's members is necessary to conduct business. A majority of the voting members of the Faculty Senate shall constitute a quorum.

Official acts of the Faculty Senate shall be voted upon by the voting members in attendance. Unless otherwise specified herein, a majority vote of those present and voting is required to pass a motion.

For purposes of determining a quorum or majority, alternates or duly authorized proxies shall be considered voting members.

Section 5.

Minutes shall be kept of every meeting, and the secretary will distribute a draft of the minutes to the Steering Committee for review. After its approval, copies shall be distributed electronically to the members by the secretary no later than three weeks following a meeting.

Section 6.

Minutes will be officially approved at the next meeting of the Faculty Senate but will not be re-distributed to the members unless the Senate votes for re-distribution.

Section 7.

Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order, subject to such rules as may be adopted by the Faculty Senate.

Section 8.

  1. A member may bring a matter to the senate for discussion by submitting a written request to the speaker who, with the advice of the Steering Committee, will either (1) place it on the agenda for a future senate meeting, or (2) refer it to the appropriate senate committee for study prior to bringing it to the full senate.
  2. The senate may extend privileges of the floor of the senate to any member of the university community, including alumni. Such privilege for a meeting shall be extended to a visiting university community member through either of two procedures: (1) by arrangement prior to the meeting with the speaker, or (2) through introduction of the visitor by any member during the course of a meeting.
  3. A full agenda for a forthcoming meeting shall be presented in writing or in an electronically readable form to all members at least three (3) days in advance of each regular meeting. In addition, the text of motions requiring senate action shall likewise be presented in writing or electronically readable form at least three (3) days in advance of meetings, to the extent possible.

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