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VI. Constitution of the Faculty Senate

Article III: Officers

Section 1. Organization

  1. Officers of the Faculty Senate shall be the speaker, speaker pro tempore, secretary, treasurer and marshal. Officers shall be elected from the current Faculty Senate voting members.
  2. Between the academic unit elections and the organizational meeting in April, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall nominate at least one candidate for each Faculty Senate office and shall present these nominations at the organizational meeting of the newly elected Faculty Senate. The vote for officers shall be by majority vote of those voting, and the results for each office shall be announced before the next officer is voted upon. Nominations may be made from the floor. Ex-officio members are not eligible to serve as officers.
  3. The Faculty Senate officers shall serve from the date of their election for a 12-month period. Officers may not serve for more than two successive terms in office.
  4. The Faculty Senate may remove, by two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the Faculty Senate, any officer for nonperformance of duties, misconduct, ineligibility, or other just cause.
  5. In case of a vacancy occurring during the year, a special election to fill the vacancy shall be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Faculty Senate. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall nominate at least one candidate for the vacancy. The Nominations and Election Committee shall supervise and the marshal shall preside over the election. Nominations may be made from the floor. In the event of a vacancy in the office of marshal, the speaker shall preside over the election of the new marshal.

Section 2. Duties

A. Speaker

  1. The speaker shall preside over meetings of the Faculty Senate, with the exception of the organizational meeting.
  2. The speaker shall call all meetings of the Faculty Senate as prescribed in Sections 2 and 3 of Article V.
  3. The speaker shall serve as faculty liaison with the administration of the university.
  4. The speaker shall countersign all official communications of the Faculty Senate.
  5. The speaker, with the aid of the Steering Committee, shall make the agenda for all regular Faculty Senate meetings, but a majority of those voting members present and voting may add items to the agenda at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  6. The term of office for the Speaker shall be two years. No Speaker shall serve more than four years in succession or two terms in succession.

B. Speaker Pro Tempore

  1. The speaker pro tempore shall assume the duties of the speaker when the speaker is absent or is unable to perform them.
  2. The speaker pro tempore shall serve as chair of the Senate Faculty Concerns Committee.

C. Secretary

  1. The secretary shall keep a record of attendance, the minutes, and other records of the senate.
  2. The secretary shall keep the university community regularly informed on the business of the senate in accordance with Section 5 of Article V.

D. Treasurer

  1. The treasurer shall serve as financial agent of the senate and general faculty and shall prepare necessary budgetary requests.
  2. The treasurer shall receive all faculty dues and shall make reports to the senate on the estate of faculty funds.
  3. The treasurer shall manage the Senate Flower Fund.
  4. The treasurer shall conduct the annual computer lottery and report the results to the Senate.

E. Marshal

  1. The marshal shall serve as supervisor of senate elections and votes and shall receive certification of election from each academic unit.
  2. The marshal shall act as marshal for university convocations.
  3. The marshal shall be parliamentarian of the senate.
  4. The marshal shall serve as sergeant-at-arms of the senate.
  5. The marshal shall serve as chairman of the Nominations and Elections Committee.
  6. The outgoing marshal shall preside over the organizational meeting of the newly elected Faculty Senate.

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