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II. Applicability of the Faculty Handbook
and Procedures for Change

II.C. Official Version

The current version of the James Madison University Faculty Handbook supersedes all previous versions, and its terms replace the terms contained in previous versions. The university expressly reserves the right to change policies, benefits, and procedures, and faculty members shall be bound by changes as they become effective. The provost will maintain the official version of the Faculty Handbook. The official version shall be maintained on the university server, and may be referenced at https://www.jmu.edu/facultyhandbook. The individual faculty member is responsible for informing himself or herself of the provisions currently in effect.

Faculty members should also familiarize themselves with the James Madison University Manual of Policies and Procedures, the university's catalogs and Student Handbook, various other publications, and official directives and memoranda issued by the university. This handbook may be amended as necessary according to the procedures outlined below, and substantive revisions become binding after approval by the BOV. The provost shall notify the faculty of any changes by appropriate and expeditious means and the official version of the Faculty Handbook shall be modified promptly to reflect such changes.

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